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Top of the Morning March 20


Hello Monday + Daymakers - How was the weekend? Spring is "springing" up fast here. Trees are starting to fill out with the most beautiful greens (my favorite color) and so are yards and pastures.  Birds are hitting the feeders and chirping in the trees with what sounds to me like excitement. Very cool time of year. Found these super interesting 12 to share today.  Click and enjoy. Dear Annie has some straight-forward thoughts for  ~ Lonely. Thanks for being here right this moment and reading + sharing with friends and family + sharing your thoughts and comments.  I appreciate you!
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Hello and Greetings to first Monday of March. How's March going for you? I've been busy "tending" to the spring-like pop up of weeds.  As a very seasoned garden employee at Home Depot once told me, "As soon as you see them, take care of them!"  Sage advice. I found these super fun 12 for today.  Click to enjoy. Dear Annie's column is great for all of us who wonder what to give to someone who has everything. Thanks for hanging out today.  Gratitude. 10 best movies that prove Fairy Tales are timeless If you're thinking about adding a fabulous rose to your garden/yard this year -- look no further -- Colette climbing rose is breathtaking This. Story. Will. Stay. With. You.  Absolutely unforgettable once you hear it