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5 For Friday January 12


Hello Readers + fellow Daymakers - January went out with a giant chill - pill that slid into February for a few days.  Sleet - icy roads - brrrr. I was prepared as far as wrapping outdoor + dripping faucets, making sure there were staples for my cat family, wild birds outside the picture window and me for a few days.  All is well. Are you a shopping cart returner or not?  Stephanie Hayes' column in today's issue is a pretty - darn - good - made - ya - think piece.  Be sure to give it a read. Fajita marinade recipe!  Thumbs up.  Get ready to make it over and over and share the recipe - people are gonna be asking for it. I present today's Wednesday Reader.  I hope it succeeds in bringing a bit of a kick - back - enjoyment time. As always, thank you for being here.  Appreciate ya.