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5 for Friday May 19

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 19

Greetings all!  And Friday. My week was really nice.  Yours? PICTURE LINE UP: #1 See the "shingles"?  Look closely.  They're actually flattened #10 vegetable/fruit cans that have been painted and tacked on to the side of the building.  Super cool! #2 Hello clever re-purposed planter idea outside a candy-shop!  High five. #3 Cool signage on a barrel outside a dining patio.  Thumbs up! #4 1 kitty-cat, 2 kitty-cat, 3 kitty-cat grabbing a piece of sunshine for a little nappy.   Yep, they are my little furry family - meet Streak, Monkey and Kid (Right to Left) Still pondering my answer to the Quick Question regarding ... What's my best story regarding me or someone trying to be sneaky and failed ... Maybe a few.  Ha!  Yours? Dear Annie - has solid advice for Mr. Sexy Senior ... Recipe - STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE is so easy and absolutely hands down the best strawberry shortcake EVER.  Gotta believe me. 5 songs selected for today are chill - pretty - and kinda stick with ya sing-along-songs.  Hope you have a little time to give them a listen. As always, we thank you so much for sliding by and giving us a piece of your day.  Gratitude.