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5 For Friday January 19


Happy Friday - Just a little more than midway through January! We had a reprieve for a day from the frigid cold temps but -- not so fast -- coming back again today.  Big fat BOO on that news. Great 5 for Friday episode today! Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP OMG!  I am so ordering the Perlier Pomegranate Body Tightening Cream product!  I've got a little crepey skin action going on my arms that I'm not friends with nor want to be friends with - as in - EVER! I look at it in the mirror and talk out loud to it, "Where in the world did you come from?!" I feel like it laughs at me - and whispers - "Age, Baby, Age." So I'm gonna combat this little crepey skin action with Steph's personally tried-and-true advice on Perlier Pomegranate Body Tightening Cream.  I'm IN! I also loved reading the reviews on how marvelous it is + smells fabulous.  Hello - winner, winner! As I've heard people say along the way, "Aging is so inconvenient."  Double high fives in the air about that! Steph's  share on the Rana Lasagna is right up my alley.  I know of the Rana products - not the lasagna, because I haven't tried it yet - but other Rana take-and-bake that I've purchased from Costco and Market Street.  Really, really exceptional product line for sure. I'm totally going to purchase this Rana Lasagna - because it's so lasagna time of year - and if I can buy it - as opposed to taking an afternoon to assemble, assemble layer upon layer - Call me the President of the Fan Club! Thanks, Steph! QUICK QUESTION What fictional character have I crushed on over the years?  While I'm not a grown adult woman who crushes - gotta admit if I did - would be Dave Robicheaux - straight out of the pages of James Lee Burke's novels.