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Wednesday Reader February 28


Happy Wednesday greetings, Daymakers! Super fun line-up of interestings this final Wednesday of February 2024. Beginning with -- Leslie Elman's Trivia Tidbits.  I sure didn't know where the oldest and longest boardwalk in the United States is.  As one who strives to walk 3 miles a day - 5 days a week - I'd sure love to put this on my walking bucket list. Planner or Go-with-the-Flow?  I, personally, am a go-with-the-flow gal if I'm on a leisure kind of trip -- unless I'm with a group of people who've established a go-see-do itinerary.  Then I'm cool with the whoever has got it all planned out.  And I'm in on the plan. I almost feel sorry for the Burglar Who Couldn't Find His Way Out.  Almost.  Ha Epic Breakfast Oatmeal  I've been known to also drizzle on a little caramel sauce for a little something extra-extra.  Why not?  Delish! Tracy Beckerman's Puffy Face column cracked me up.  I'm totally in her tongue-in-cheek humor fan club!
Top of the Morning November 20


Happy day before Thanksgiving! Presenting Wednesday's Reader - packed full of interestings to keep ya company in your thoughts while basting the turkey, beating fluffy mashed potatoes, taste tasting the gravy on the stove or setting the table. I love the story of "The Empty Hand".  And the Old Newspaper Clipping of Thankfuls. Leslie Elman, as always, finds and shares cool random facts we never knew before. Do I remember Encyclopedia Salesmen?  Yep.  My parents purchased a set that were in alphabetical order in a small 2 shelved bookcase upstairs in our home that my sisters and I referred to when we had school assignments.  They were super helpful. And, yes, I remember the silver milk box on our front porch.  Rusty Houchen was our milkman's name.  The good old days.  Ha!
Wednesday Reader May 3 | Yosemite Cut


Greetings, Friends - Presenting Wednesday Reader. Just got off the phone with my sister, Jennie, making sure I got her Garlic Scampi served over angel hair pasta recipe correct.  She gave it a green light.  Shrimp + Pasta fan?  Gotta give it a try! Jerry Clower's story of New Bull is side-splitting funny. Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff - again - is material for being the most interesting person in the room - just is. Conundrums - no brainer when we read the compilation.  Totally makes sense. As always, Thank you from my heart for sliding by and giving us a read. See ya Friday!
Ground Hog day


Hello, hello February! Tomorrow's Groundhog Day. Will he or won't he see that shadow? I've always thought it was a fun little tradition -- whether or not it's a real-deal, matters not.  Just a little something twinkly to think of on February 2nd. Hope you enjoy the read.  I'm happy that you're here.
Truck stop Chili Recipe


Day 4 of 2023.  How's the New Year so far?  Good here.  I took my Christmas down.  All packed up and ready to travel to the storage unit where it will wait until next year to come back home to bring ornamental magic and beauty. Thanks for being here. May 2023 be a year of wonder + awe + success + for + all.
Spanish Style Split Pea Soup Recipe


The daily and nightly temperatures here are in decline and for sure snuggling in for a nice winter’s nap. Meaning getting chillier. I remember as a kid in Montana, could just about bet the first snow was Halloween. How do I remember? Inevitably, we had to wear winter coats over our costumes to keep warm as we ran from house to house with crazy joy and glee


Well here we are.  Last day of August.  How time flies.  I'm already looking forward to the Fall season.  Changes of season - I love all.  I present to you the last Wednesday Reader of August.  Enjoy!