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Happy Fathers Day


Hola! Howdy! Greetings! Happy Fathers Day to all the meaningful men who are/ have been in our world! Super great line-up today. Beginning with: FILM CREW 101 Behind the Scenes.  This piece is about Set Lighting (which I worked on for 27 + years as a Best Boy - yep, my title was Best Boy.  Industry term). QUICK QUESTION What's my favorite memory of my dad? I have 2: In the summertime, Dad would buy a giant bag of oranges and lemons and hand juice them (old school style)  into a pitcher and make the BEST orange/lemonade! Our dad was larger than life.  As in real life.  His forearms were the size of many people's calves.  He wasn't fat - he was - formidable.  He could be the sweetest guy on the planet or he could be intimidating depending on the situation.  Yeah, we always felt he had our backs - and he did.  Mom told us that when they were dating and first got married - Dad did push-ups with her sitting on his shoulders.  Yep, that kind of strong!  Yours? STORY OF A GENIUS SAYS GOODBYE Is so full of great thought + heart + peace. RECIPE FOR BUBBLE FUN If you're hanging out with your dad or remembering him. THANKS ALL FOR SLIDING BY TODAY We so appreciate ya + love + friendship + sharing + caring. READY? SET. HERE WE GO! ENJOY THE READ.