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Wednesday Reader December 7 | Santa Fab Light


Merry Merry Greetings friends and Friday! Super fun episode today beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Big fan of Stephanie's ideas for pairing and accessorizing for adding pizzazz to this wonderful time of year dressing the part! Learned something from today's Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap column.  Pic #2 - Kitten heeled boots!  Me being a Birkenstock and flip-flop girl always wondered what those cute little heeled boots/shoes I see women wearing are called.  Now I know! And!  the beautiful vintage brooches and little purse are super fab ideas.  Same - gold belt, bangles, and the Ooo-la-la print jeans.  Applause to all! I am so gonna Bling-it-on these next days to Christmas and even a New Year's gathering (following Stephanie's fashion in the know tips) and have confident fun doing it! Thanks, Steph, for always keeping us in the cool-kid-fashion-club! QUICK QUESTION When I was a kid - if memory serves me correctly - I had this little stuffed animal dog with long hair that I named Muffin.  Ha!  I know, super creative, right?  I did also have a Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist doll.  It was a Christmas gift from Santa one year.  But he came with his name.
Mid Century Pink Reindeer


Welcome 2023!  And may it be an extraordinary year for all! Here are the 12 pieces I collected for this first Monday of the New Year.  Click and enjoy. WOW!  A pink Manta Ray - hello beautiful Photographers capture stunning  photos in Urban places Bet ya didn't know these cool facts about Monopoly - I sure didn't