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Wednesday Reader February 22 | Cat Eye Glass Lady


Hello Friends! I love this black and white picture of a beautiful waitress in a diner.  For sure everyone knew her name.  And even better - she knew everbody's name.  And ask about your people.  And the genuine smile and laughter!  So very "welcome" ! Hello Daymaker from way back in the day. My favorite diner of all time was in Billings, Montana, and its name was the Kit Kat in the Heights.  Saturday mornings - homemade big-as-your-hand cinnamon rolls or caramel rolls were available.  Had to get there early because - imagine this - they sold out fast!  And when these beauties were gone - gone until the next Saturday. Other than Saturday mornings - my favorite diner food was/is a Patty melt sandwich. Yep!  Grilled burger patty on toasted rye bread + melted cheese (not sure - thinking it's American) + grilled onions. Cannot even re-create it at home.  Trust me I've tried to.  Just not the same! You?  What's your favorite diner food favorite? Here is the new Wednesday Reader.  Enjoy! Thanks for being here.  Grateful.  Always!