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5 For Friday May 3

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 3

HOLA BONJOUR HOWDY Happy Friday.  Super fun read for this first Friday in May 2024 + exciting NEWS! Beginning with exciting NEWS! Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap from here forward is Stacy's World.  Stephanie and Stacy are one and the same. Beginning next week Stacy will pop in every other week - or weekly depending on her schedule - with her Stacy's World column and share fantastics, not just fashion tips and tricks, but recipes, DIY cool ideas for home and life, adventurers around town and elsewhere, cool product finds, entertaining ideas, where to find chic on the cheap and So. Much. More.  As in whatever strikes her fancy!  I'm super excited and thrilled that Stacy is such a giant part of Daymaker Readable Art with her innovativeness.  I love Katiedid Langrock's writing.  This piece - Memory Climb - yes, I sometimes think about the good old days from my younger years.  However, she's braver than I taking those memories on.  Ha! QUICK QUESTION What's the funniest sounding instrument to me?  All can be funny depending on how they're played and what's being played.  Without a doubt the childhood instrument of grade school -- the RECORDER is my answer. HA!!   Do kids still play the recorder in grade school I wonder. 3 THINGS IN LIFE
moon and cat halloween die cut


Presenting 5 for FRIDAY's read this October 6. We had a crazy storm that blew through here Wednesday night.  Not just "a" storm but the threat of a possible tornado in the area. Felt a little like a white knuckle ride -- as the tornado sirens were heard loudly in the night - warnings of take cover sort of thing - this is not a test.  YIKES! My wonderful neighbors = friends had me in their thoughts.  Texting or calling -- "get in the bathroom," "make sure you have your running shoes on and your purse close ... in case ..."  "Are you okay?" "Copy."   "Copy."   "Yes."  were my responses via text. My little freeloaders (aka cats) were less than impressed with the lock-down time in the bathroom -- but they're over it now.  They have short-term memories.  Ha! Torrential rain, crazy wind, etc ... Long story short - tornado blew over our part of the world with no damage and went whipping away somewhere else.  Hopefully back up in the sky where it started! Today's line-up is packed full of happy:
5 For Friday May 12 | Birds Cup Peasant

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 12

Greetings all and happy Friday - So last Saturday I attended the Scarborough  Renaissance Festival with my friend Laurie.  Price of admission - $37. And it was packed!  A sea of people.  Have no idea how many acres this place was but it was many. And so, so, so many people walking around dressed in super cool well-thought out costumes for the day.  Applause to all who dressed in costume. I've never attended a "Trekie" (as in Star Trek convention) but if I had - this place totally had that kind of vibe in my mind. Apparently, Scarborough Renaissance Festivals happen all over our beautiful U.S. Yep, it was pricey - ticket to get in (thanks, Laurie, for the gift of my admission ticket) and then if you wanna get a bite to eat or a drink ... $$$  However, well worth it.  Think, being at the fair. It was so much fun.  Such a cool event.  And I totally enjoyed the 5 or more hours we were there. Talk about people watching!  Never ending - and everyone was having a chill-time just being there and interacting with others. No strangers sort of feel - just all of us having a united grand day. And all the costumed people were so gracious when I asked if I could snap a pic of them.  "Of Course," was the response every single time.
5 For Friday July 8 | Mcracker Jack

5 for Friday | July 8

Hi everyone ! How was your week ?  Happy and productive ? I came across these cool doors on a walk.  Color + design = pieces of art.  Check out the red door's pull handle ! It's hot, It's July.  Try the Farm to Market Salad this weekend.  Totally refreshing and satisfying.  Same goes for the 5 for Friday playlist songs.  Hope you'll give it a listen. Thanks for dropping by today.  Gratitude.