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Top of the Morning August 14


I collected these fine 10 for today. Toy Evel Knievel Jumps a row of Toy Figurines Fun Fact - my dad attended high school with Evel Knievel in Butte, Montana.  My dad said he was full throttle. Checking in on the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral - check out the amazing workmanship of those who are involved.  Simply ... OUTSTANDING! RECIPE - EPIC HUMMUS BOARD (!) RECIPE - No Churn Strawberry Pie Ice Cream ... What?! OMG! Spaghetti Pie Recipe!  Wow!  Hello outside-the-box dinner!  Gotta give it a try! Summer Beach Pie = Lemon + Lime (!) VFX artist digitally renders Earth's ants - this is wild! 8 magnificent pictures that are totally worth a look.  Bald Eagles pic won first place! Central Park is the newest hot-spot for Pickleball!  How cool is this? Paul Hogan - Fan of Crocodile Dundee?  You're gonna love this!  Paul Hogan is so very down-to-earth cool