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5 For Friday March 24 | owl strutting


Greetings on this 2nd to the last Friday of March. So far - March is not "going out like a lamb" ...  just yet.  Temperatures here are diving into the 30s at night.  I feel like it's kinda unusual - but weather - will be weather.  Ha! PICTURE LINE UP #1 HELLO BEAUTIFUL WISTERIA BLOOMING on my arbor over the stairs going into the front yard ...  reminds me of the Lilac bushes that bloom in Montana.  Love (!) Lilac bushes - doing their thing and popping like crazy - and smell like no other!  I miss them.  And, I miss cutting a few of the clusters of blooms on their little branches and placing them in ordinary little glass vases and positioning them around the house.  Ahhh !  Sweet purple memories. No Lilac bushes around these parts.  However, Wisteria and its super brilliant - similar purple color - gifts me with peek-a-boo memories - next best thing! #2 HELLO CUTE DONKEY who came up to the fence line on our walk.  Pretty sure lil' Donkey was checking us out AND to see if we had any treats.  Big fat boo, no treats this time.  But sure will be next time. #3 RUMOR HAS IT ... egg prices are dropping.  Crossing my fingers! #4 THIS TAKE-MY-BREATH-AWAY beautiful red piece of stained glass art was a gift from a friend.  Totally makes a plain ol' window in a room become the star attraction!  Thanks, Johnny, for this vibrant piece. DEAR ANNIE'S column is a great read.  A little sad - but talk about strength!  And inspiring.   And at the end - there is a "rainbow." SWEET POTATO BISCUITS - so easy to make and so worth the effort! 5 WONDERFUL SONGS all lined up for a listen.  Hope you have a little space in your day to check them out. As always - thank you for your time + comments + sharing with friends and family + Daymaker hearts!  I so appreciate you all.