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Top of the Morning December 4


Monday Greetings ! Presenting first Monday of December Top of the Morning.  A total entertaining line-up beginning with: MONSTERA ALBO - the marvelous outside the gift box idea to WOW that someone-someone on your list who's always a challenge to cool gift.  As in the person who seems to have everything. CANDY CANE hanging from your bird feeder?  Read this little piece and find out why. Ohhhhh -- the GOOSE STORY is a total ear-to-ear smile read and also a wonder of the animal kingdom ((so to speak)) that lives among us.  Or do we live among them? The Coolest Cookie Box presetation is just that --- COOLEST COOKIE BOX PRESENTATION EVER.  Super impressive. SPANISH POTATO SOUP is so on my list to make this week.  What a great reading recipe.  YUM The FAB-FIVE recipes for gift giving or appetizers are Rock-Star-Status and too intriguing not to seriously consider making. GOT A FIREPLACE?  I didn't know the benefits of this great tip of what to do with the wood ashes scooped out of the fireplace.  Now I do and yes I will. MEET SNAPPER THE CHRISTMAS TREE - Raise your hand if you're a fan of the memorable Christmas ads that find us every season?  Mine's raised.  Wait 'til ya watch this one.  Greatness! SILVER BELLS by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings is a toe-tapping delightful rendition performance.  It's a must listen.
Top of the Morning November 27


Greetings Monday and friends - Another excellent line up today! Beginning with: THE KALEIDOSCOPE LIGHT One of the most amazing, small plug-it-in light shows to have being all magic and mesmerizing in a chosen room in the house. BOILED EGG TRICK I sure didn't know this one.  I've always done the lots of salt in the water thing.  Changing lanes now! DISTINCTIVE U.S. ACCENTS Having traveled and worked all around the country - and working with people from all over the country and even other countries - I do recognize and can identify many of these accents immediately.  Has always been intriguing to me.