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Wednesday Reader October 25

5 for Friday | October 7

Hey, Hey!  Happy Friday.  Hope you had a terrific week.  I've been doing a lot of "leaf control" around here.  Raking them, sweeping them and scooping them out of the pool. I remember when we first bought this house 28 years ago, we loved all of the trees.  The realtor was not in love with trees.  I asked him why.  And he said, "Leaves in the fall!  There will be a lot." Indeed, there are a lot, but it's so worth the trade off of not having trees at all.  If only leaves were worth money ... I'd be sipping a drink with an umbrella in it on my own private island.  Ha! I picked out a cool pumpkin with a long stem for dining room table decoration.  Really great part is  it gets to stay until Thanksgiving.  It's not for carving.  Just going to let it naturally be the beautiful, original piece that it is.