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Happy hello Monday + outstanding readers! We've had plenty of "not messin' around" rain here in my part of the world over the weekend. Thunder!  Big time thunder that was the background BOOMS (!) to the sky opening up with hardcore rain falling.  I actually like the sound of thunder.  My cats not so much.  My sister, Jennie, not somuch.  You? Super cool collection to present today for your enjoyment! Beginning with: REMOTE CONTROL SAVING DEVICE!  Wow! Should I get in trouble in the water I want this super fast device coming to my aid lickety-split! PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR UNDERWEAR WHEN THEY TRAVEL BLEW my mind short read. 2 live SNAKES?!  Yikes. I actually lost my luggage on Christmas Eve a couple years ago.  The planes didn't take off - as in with passengers - but my luggage did somehow.  Mine and hundreds and hundreds of others. I was in line a week later with others trying to locate our bags and the couple behind me told me that their luggage had the husband's famous family recipe of a giant brisket in the suitcase to take for Christmas. Uhhhh.  Wonder how that worked out. But 2 live SNAKES! GIRAFFE GETS MUCH NEEDED HELP FROM A CHIROPRACTOR Stole my heart.  I love this Chiropractor/Doctor who helps animals and people.  Why wouldn't animals need "adjustments" same as us? CASTLES!  HERE IN THE U.S.?!  I totally wanna go see one/walk through it.  Amazing.
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Monday - Monday -- have you heard or possibly remember the big hit song from back in the late 60's by The Mamas and The Papas (( seriously fun-cool-catchy band name, right?!))   Click ** here ** to give it a listen this fine Monday morning. How was your weekend?  Good here. So enjoyed reading the Comments from 5 for Friday episode! What spice would you be? and Good Ol' Days. Thanks to all who jumped in and made it super fun with your great Comments!
Top of the Morning February 6


Greetings all and happy beginning of a brand new week! I love this illustration.   Takes me sledding down memory lane.  We had sleds like these when we were kids.  They were crazy fast.  I preferred sitting on the racer and steering it with my feet.  That was daring enough for me. Ha! I enjoyed picking out the greats for the 12 today.  Click and enjoy. Dear Annie is spot on as usual. I'm happy you're here.  Thank you. Check out these spliced photos - pretty trippy Did you love Cracker Jack's as a kid?  Then you'll love this little piece of interesting 10 simple ways to be a kinder person ...every day These cool U.S. towns look like they're stuck in time DIY 5-gallon bucket planters - to grow a garden anywhere.  Start planning now! Stephen Kings 20 rules for writers - very cool Winning, awwww-mazing underwater photos