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Saint Rita of Cascia by Pedro Antonio Fresquis


Hello! Hope your world is going well.  Mine is just dandy. I've spoken with a couple friends who actually made New Year's resolutions and ... * sigh * ... the resolutions aren't sticking for one reason or another. I, personally, walked away from doing the whole New Year's resolution thing quite a while back.  I'm just not good at keeping them. Always seemed like a good idea at the time.  But then I had to admit that I failed.  So I don't set myself up for it anymore.  Ha!  You? Pictures below #1  Shadow play wave all bundled up on my morning walk #2  Heart Art of wire and beads I made with a pair of pliers and hands molding/shaping.  Fun little afternoon project. #3  Graffiti art on train cars as I wait at the tracks for them to pass.  I know the artists shouldn't be doing it - but for whatever reason, I am intrigued.  Always makes me wonder where the art happened.  How far away?  Such huge pieces created with a couple of spray cans of paint.