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Top of the Morning August 14


I collected these fine 10 for today. Toy Evel Knievel Jumps a row of Toy Figurines Fun Fact - my dad attended high school with Evel Knievel in Butte, Montana.  My dad said he was full throttle. Checking in on the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral - check out the amazing workmanship of those who are involved.  Simply ... OUTSTANDING! RECIPE - EPIC HUMMUS BOARD (!) RECIPE - No Churn Strawberry Pie Ice Cream ... What?! OMG! Spaghetti Pie Recipe!  Wow!  Hello outside-the-box dinner!  Gotta give it a try! Summer Beach Pie = Lemon + Lime (!) VFX artist digitally renders Earth's ants - this is wild! 8 magnificent pictures that are totally worth a look.  Bald Eagles pic won first place! Central Park is the newest hot-spot for Pickleball!  How cool is this? Paul Hogan - Fan of Crocodile Dundee?  You're gonna love this!  Paul Hogan is so very down-to-earth cool
Top of the Morning July 17


H*E*L*L*O !!  FRIENDS Thanks for popping in today -- grateful! Brand new start of the week.  What are you gonna do with yours? I'm making my list of intentions and will tag it to the 'fridge and check off tasks as I (hopefully -- motivation stick with me, please - :)) accomplish. Among them will be power washing deck and sidewalks ( oh joy -- eye roll ).  But it sure will look pretty and feel wonderful when it's finished and in the rear view mirror. The 12 chosen for today's episode: