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Artic Fairies Riding A Bear


Hola All! How's your week going?  Good here. I have been enjoying watching the birds "hit" on the 3 bird feeders I have outside my picture window.  I affectionately call it the "bird channel" as I get a lot of joy watching and so do my cats - sitting on the window ledge and looking straight at the feeders.  Ha I've been especially noticing all the beautiful Cardinals swooping in and landing for a bite to eat.  A friend of mine once  told me that Cardinals mate for life and if I see one - look for the mate.  He/She is nearby.  Guess what?  I'm finding that to be totally true.  I have a lot of fun spotting one and then spotting its "other half" close by. Hump day is here!   Wednesday Daymaker is also here to bring some cheer:) Here's a little rundown of what's in today's episode:
Wednesday Reader November 23 | Turkey Girl


Thanksgiving is just right over there.  As in tomorrow.  Do ya have your menu planned?  Invited to go somewhere?  I'll be in California hanging with family.  Pretty sure I won't get a pass helping in the kitchen.  Ha!  We're all gathering at my sister, Lisa, and her husband, Curtis' home. I can hear Lisa now, "Apron's in the bottom drawer, you can start chopping veggies for the stuffing and you're in charge of mashed potatoes.  Everyone loves your mashed potatoes."  She's such a charmer.  Ha! Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for your support by being here and hanging out with us and telling friends and family. Gobble-Gobble