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Top of the Morning October 2


Greetings Readers (!) It's Monday, the 2nd day of October!  Months are flying by for sure. Cool art illustration today is from the cover of Life Magazine, October 26 , 1911.  Count forward from 1911 to 2023.  That's a bit of a count.  It's a beautiful, timeless, old school piece of art. Collected these fabulous finds today for enjoyment: I'd have to say my favorite new word added to the official dictionary in the month of September would be -- Jump Scare.  Instead of "Punked ya" or "Boo"  -- new phrase I'll be using -- Just "Jump Scared" ya.
Top of the Morning February 20


Howdy and happy Monday - Today's President's Day.  Did ya know? I have a few fond memories from my "time machine" of President's Day in grade school. We colored a picture(s) of a president (George Washington or Abraham Lincoln).  Total added bonus of an art day! The fun 12 collected for today's Monday! Click and enjoy! As always, thanks for being here! On President's Day - check this out -- last words ... The art of illusion - giant murals on sidewalks and public places - chalk art.  So WOW! March destinations to plan for - if you're thinking about a fun place to go hang out Cool vintage historic pics that are just ... totally worth a looksy .. my personal take-away word - "wild"! Say again!  Jalapeno Popper pull-apart bread??  So gonna make this recipe!