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Winter Fairy By Mucha


Hi Everyone! How's the New Year going so far (all of 3 days - ha)?  All's well in my world. Presenting Wednesday Reader on this first Wednesday of 2024. Lots of fun packed in this episode for reading + thought enjoyment.  Beginning with: POP QUIZ Reminded me how much I love(d) "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and, yes, the song "Moon River."  Totally gonna find + watch + re-visit that classic. QUICK QUESTION Best compliment I think I can give to someone -- you matter.  Whether spoken or implied.  I love it when I hear it or feel it from someone.  How about you? GRAVESIDE SERVICE STORY Is a funny, for sure. LIMA BEAN SOUP What?!  Yes!  Seriously good, unique, tried-and-true.  The magic (as is usually the case with anything involving beans) start with dried beans.  And have you ever had a grilled Pimento Cheese + Ham sandwich?  No?  Now's the time!  Yes?  Lima Bean Soup and Grilled Cheese Pimento Sandwiches with or without ham are soup mates for sure!
East of The Sun West of The Moon Kay Nielsen


Greetings Wednesday Readers! I had super busy days on Monday and Tuesday cleaning and purging clothes in closets and drawers, readying them to take to The Salvation Army for their second time around.  Feels good to de-clutter things around the house or property that no longer serve a purpose to me. Here's today's Reader.  Enjoy! And as always, so grateful you're here.  Have a great day.