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5 For Friday September 29


HELLO SPECTACULAR READERS from Cheryl Clarson Presenting Friday September 29 Episode.  Welcome. Have a great line up today! Beginning with the pics: #1 Peppers and Papayas.  That's a lot of fun to say.  I feel stuffed peppers for dinner in my future! #2 The coolest, thriving mass planting of horse-tail reed I've ever seen.  This is a small picture piece of how this planting was growing at a Hyatt Regency resort here in Texas.  It was at least 2 blocks long.   Spectacular.  Impressive.   I LOVE this plant.  Yes, it's invasive (think bamboo) but it's such a cool plant kept under watch.  I have several at my home - but in planters, so they don't wander where they please. #3 Sandwich pic - I think we'll name it the ham-zing-a-roonie!  This sandwich is delicious!  How to assemble it is in this episode.  Make it.  Doubt you'll be disappointed.  I know I'm not and those I have made it for either.