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Sea Horses Antique Illustration


Hello Wonderful readers on a beautiful, warm Wednesday - at least it is here. March is getting closer - I see its timing in the sunrise, sunset and general feeling that spring is rolling our way. We totally appreciate all of you for sliding by and spending a piece of your day hanging out + sharing + caring. Catch ya on Friday with another fabulous episode! Ready.  Set.  Read On.
Edward Robert Hughes Night


Happy first Friday of 2023! I packed up Christmas.  Had a little helper - not so much help - but definitely on guard until I loaded stuff up to take to the storage unit.  ha!  Meet Kidd. Beautiful moss growing outta the bricks in my driveway.  Look at the brilliant green! My Finders-Keepers wreath I have been building for several years.  I find random toss aways in parking lots or on paths I walk and add to the one-of-a-kind piece of art in progress.  Finders-Keepers! Found yesterday!  A cool find in the road where I wal