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5 For Friday March 1

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 1

Hello March and hello friends - March isn't rolling in like a lion thus far.  Temps are supposed to be around 70 today.  But who knows?  Could change like lickety-split.  Regardless of what temps roll in today to the end of the month, I'm counting on March rolling out like a lamb and gently launching us into spring. Super-duper fun read today! Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Once again (!) Stephanie  hooks us up with cool, DIY innovative ideas of things + pieces just waiting in a thrift store to be discovered, loved and become statement pieces here and there in our homes.  Welcome to the family, sort of thing! I don't happen to own an old suitcase - but now I'm on the hunt!  I love the vintage look of them.  And the beauty of another piece of eclectic added to my home.  Same goes for a basket with a moving handle.  Superness! Genius, Steph! DO I LEARN BY WATCHING OR DOING? My answer is both.  I learn by watching and then doing.  The 2 work in tandem for me.  You?
5 For Friday February 23


Hello Mighty Readers! Happy Friday.  Crazy how February's flying by like a well thrown Frisbee. Great line-up today - BEGINNING WITH: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP WOW!  Check out the one-of-a-kind chair we can all build/create.  Chic on the Cheap DIY! No two will be alike!  Custom pieces of art created by you and me for sitting and hanging out purposes.  Eclectic rules. First, Steph gives tips on where to find an inexpensive vintage chair (and give it a 2nd time around sort of thing) + finding the belts at thrift stores (another 2nd time around sort of coolness) and then how to assemble. I am so gonna build one for my home.  I'm actually thinking of perhaps building several to put around my outside table for the summer time. Steph gives us the step-by-step where to find and how to.   Once again - Steph presents a fabulous idea and we can all run with it and create with confidence.  Love it! Thanks, Steph! QUICK QUESTION If I had the power to change one thing about my personality - hands down - would be patience.  I know that I have less than a lot of patience sometimes.  Wish I had it all the time.  Perhaps, I'll strive for it a little harder.  What's your one thing?
5 For Friday June 23

5 for Friday | June 23

Greetings!  And Hello Friday! Gosh, almighty the rain and storms have been CRAZY here. Lost power last late afternoon - took out my little battery operated lanterns until power came back on.  And lit the pillar candles on the mantle and in a couple bathrooms.  All went well. Yeah, I know - everyone will say we can always use some rain!  Indeed. PICTURE LINE UP:  1 - 2 -3 ARE "MADE-YA-LOOK" LIGHT SOURCES:
Sea Horses Antique Illustration

5 for FRIDAY | JUNE 9

Greetings All! And hello, Friday! And hello cool ideas for planters around our living spaces! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Look at this narrow tall planter box that has fig trees in it!  YES! #2 Parsley in a planter.  Very cool.  Could also be basil or rosemary.  Or a combo of several! #3 Oh ... pretty zinnias all planted in a planter box on a table.  High five! #4 My personal favorite - donkey pulling a little cart ... A super cool concrete thing (meaning super heavy) that I found at garden store going out of business a few years ago.  I got this beauty for $15.  Believe it or not.  Truth. Be on the look out for something cool and extraordinary around your neck of the woods.  They're out there!  Just gotta be on the look out! My answer for nicknames of people I have in my life: my sister, Jennie, is Jen, My sister, Lisa, is Lea, my son, Hunter, is Hunter Bear, My mom is, Mama, my friend, Dixie, is Dix.  And my family and super close friends call me - Cher. What are nicknames for people close to you? 5 songs on the playlist are so pretty.  Hope you have a few to give them a listen. As always - we so appreciate your time and giving us a piece of your day on this Friday.  Grateful. Have a great weekend!
Top of the Morning February 12


Greetings - Hard for me to believe February has crossed its half-way mark!  But it has. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Madagascar Vanilla Bean + Cinnamon stick infused Simple Syrup getting ready to happen.  Recipe in today's episode. #2 My new groovy home accessory!  Disco ball hanging in the over-the-sink kitchen window.  It's so much fun watching dancing pieces of light on kitchen walls and even in to the living room throughout the day! #3 Shadow play - 3 cats in a window grabbing some sunshine! #4 Feather in a hat - How cool is this feather embellished with a few perfectly positioned beads?  Hat tip to this artsy idea!
5 For Friday July 22 | Frog Prince

5 for Friday | July 22

Hi friends - I scored a very cool, very heavy burro planter at a nursery going out of business this week.  I love him.  I named him "Junior."  No reason, just looked like a Junior.  Ha! I also built a rectangle collage on the ceiling in the kitchen around the light source.  Paper came from a giant blow out sale World Market had a long while back.  I love the colors.  They make me happy. Look at this beautiful explosion of orange going on in one of my flower gardens.  Not even sure what the name of this particular flower is.  Need to find out!
Top of the Morning May 30 2022

5 for Friday | May 27

Hey, hi - I hope your week has been great and are now looking forward to the weekend! Check out the cool planter ideas.  I went to Balboa Island to visit family and snapped the pics while walking around looking at the very artsy community.  So much fun. I love the whiskey barrel creativity.  Looks so natural and bold all at the same time.  I'm going to definitely do at least one.