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Top of the Morning December 18


Merry Merry! Welcome to Monday exactly one week away from Christmas Day! I enjoyed collecting these gems to share with you. Beginning with -- CREATIVE CHRISTMAS TREE ideas I don't have a favorite.  They're all blue ribbon original greatness to me. INTERESTING PHOTOS is better than scrolling through whatever's on Google feed today.  Can you believe how GIANT the anchor chain of the Titanic was?  Or how thick one (just one) of the cables is that holds up the Golden Gate Bridge?  Crazy! OFFICE ANTICS had me smiling big time.  Pretty sure offices could sure use some harmless fun to keep the 9-5 shift a little more interesting. AI VISUALIZING ALL 50 U.S. STATES as Hunger Game contestants had me scrolling through -- first of all with my home state and my now home state and checking out states my friends live in or came from.  Pretty spot on. RECIPES! HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS still time to "whip up" something special in the kitchen for gift giving or impress guests during this "brrr time" of year.  Wonder how these homemade marshmallows would work with the favorite Rice Krispie Treats?  It's a must read through the entire recipe to see all the cool variations etc ... super interesting.
Homemade Fall Chunky Apple Sauce


Happy November! Welcome falling leaves, sweaters, delicious smells happening in the kitchen on the stove and in the oven.  Shorter (feeling) days with the daylight pretty much gone around here by 6 pm. Here's this Wednesday's Read.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed assembling it. Have a great day and rest of your week and as always, grateful that you're here.