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Wednesday Reader January 17


Wednesday greetings! Phew -- endured the little cold snap we had around here and didn't lose power.  Thankful.  Hearing on the radio that today's temps are gonna rise to 41 degrees.  Gonna feel like a heat wave - ha!  At least to my outside feral cats. Another great line-up of Wednesday fun today! Beginning with: QUICK QUESTION What do I do when pulling up at a stoplight next to someone jammin' on the radio?  Well, first of all it brings me joy and I smile and laugh!  And should I catch the person's eye - in the middle of the jammin' - I wave and give a thumbs up.  (I've been known to turn up the radio and belt out a favorite song while driving.)  Just can't help it. THANKS MOM AND DAD FUN STORY COLLECTION Is a laugh-blast for certain! LITTLE WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE Yes, raising my hand.  I sure remember "the old days" when the house phone was mounted on our kitchen wall.