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Top of the Morning April 1st


Hello Friends! How can April be here already?  So crazy how time flies (as in months at a time)! As April 1st is known to be a prank day -- have you ever pranked something funny on April 1st or been pranked? Super-duper collection to share today.  (All legit - no pranks - ha!) Beginning with: 25 SIDE YARD IDEAS All so very beautiful.  Like a cool hallway in our homes - but outside! DECADENT ABANDONED MOSQUES IN TURKEY Wow!  The craftsmanship and artists.  Abandoned.  Why? A REAL LIFE INVISIBILITY SHIELD Is most intriguing.  I love that it's roll-and-go as opposed to a giant piece of plexiglass sort of thing that has to be carted around by a vehicle or trailer.  What a great invention.  I, personally, wonder if movie sets/commercials are embracing it, as well.  Move over green screen. HERE'S WHAT OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN CHILDHOOD BOOKS LOOK LIKE IN REAL LIFE ACCORDING TO AI To me -- most of the AI "real life" depictions were what I had envisioned in my mind save -- The Little Prince. GREAT READ ON GETTING READY FOR UPCOMING APRIL 8 2024 SOLAR ECLIPSE I seriously didn't realize how big of a deal it's going to be.  Especially in my neck of the woods.  Ordered a pair of NASA approved disposable glasses to look and watch.  I've been told that hotels are sold out, people in the area are actually renting out their homes like a B & B for a couple of nights for a lot of dough -- as in the $thousands.  Crazy!
Top of the Morning


Monday greetings magnificent readers! How was your weekend?  All good here - save the part where I had to snap my self outta the spring-like temps and drip the faucets again and prepare for some more frigid temps - as in 26 degrees over night, two nights in a row.  Brrrrr!!! Super fun Monday collection to share today - First up is CICADAS ARE COMING but with dual emergence.  Is this the part where we might say YIKES!? Being from Montana - we didn't have Cicadas - however, now living in the land of Texas I've always enjoyed their rhythmic sound.  To me, it's "the sound of summer." BACKYARD SMALL PATIO IDEAS are pretty darn outstanding.  And should a project like this be on your home to-do bucket list - now's a perfect time to start planning ahead before summer's furnace is full throttle.  Cool ideas to choose + create an outdoor living space just for you and yours. Totally love SMART MOM'S LIST OF ADD-ON CHORES for babysitter to make a little extra dough while the kids are sleeping and waiting for the parents to come home.  Back in the day when I was babysitting - I would have taken smart mom up on her list and accomplished all on the list for $.  Brilliant idea smart mom. TIMELESS CUTENESS is just that and more -- timeless beauties that brought to me smile-smile-smile.  Whole lotta joy in the captured pieces of another time, another place of others.   Hope you have a few minutes to give them a scroll-through. RECIPES!
Wednesday Reader May 17 | Peacock Costume


Wednesday greetings, wondrous readers! Presenting Wednesday's Reader. Pop Quiz and Fascinating stuff from Leslie Elman indeed gives material for us to be the most interesting person in the room. And Tracy Beckerman's bug story is one I'm pretty sure most of us can relate to.  I know I can. The Mowie-Wowie chicken teriyaki slider recipe is blue ribbon. Got a smile or twenty-nine?  Pass them around.  They're contagious.  Beautiful.  Gifts. Introducing Dixie Lee - friends for over 30 years - who has come aboard to do social media for Daymaker Readable Art.  Welcome Dixie!  She's a lot of fun (trust me).  Our backstory coming soon... Dixie says: "Hey, everyone!  I'm excited to be part of the Daymaker Readable Art team.  Cheryl and I have such a long-strong friendship.  When she first told me about her vision of a blog - I believed in it.  So long overdue with her creative passion about so many things.  But specifically this one.  We have had so many conversations about Daymaker and her strength is content and mine is Social Media.  We did the hand shake and a high five.  Combing our collective talents.   I look forward to meeting you on our social sites." As always, thanks for sliding by and giving us a piece of your day.  Appreciate one and all. Have a grand day. See ya Friday.