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Wednesday Reader May 8


Hello Wednesday and Hello Daymakers! Presenting Wednesday Reader this fine day of May 8. Pretty sure you'll love the read today as much as I do/did putting it together: LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA Is so fascinating and I always feel smarter reading her pieces.  Whoever heard the word "Kleptoparasite"?  Raise your hand if you have.  Not me.  But I do now and I might pull the word out from time to time just to see people's brows do a brow question mark thing.  Ha! QUICK QUESTION How many animal sounds can I make?  I actually started making the sounds to count and my cats awoke from their catnaps, at full attention, gathering around to see if I'd gone C-R-A-Z-Y.   They amuse me and from time to time I try and amuse them. I counted 8.  How about you? OUTTA THE MOUTHS OF BABES Is beauty-full.  I don't even have a favorite take away.  All are heartbeats of awwwwww. HERB SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE Is an absolute must make.  I'm not even going to go on and on about it.  Just gotta trust me.  Once you make it - you'll be a diehard fan all summer long!  This summer - next summer - and all summers forward!  Get ready for people to ask for the recipe because it's gonna happen.