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Top of the Morning March 4


Greetings! Presenting this Monday's collection of entertaining pieces of interesting + fun + delish. Beginning with: THE AMAZING MACHINES  Really cool watch of the machines that perform the tasks that contribute to our day-to-day mass living we absolutely don't really wonder or think about -- like donuts to spiral notebooks to milling machines to cleaning the tops of tunnels to crushing giant items for recycling  to - to - to ...  Impressive! SURPRISING ALUMINIUM FOIL USES IN OUR HOMES Besides covering something we slide into the oven:  soften brown sugar!  Sharpen scissors!  Keep pots and pans shiny!  And more totally has my full attention.  Who knew that roll of Aluminum foil in the kitchen drawer is a secret weapon to combat so many things around the house?  Not me.  But now I do - and so do you. HOW TO DEBONE A ROTISSERIE CHICKEN, EXPERTLY WITH NO MESS Is genius!  Seeing + Doing = Believing.  Just a mind trip of  "why didn't we think of this sooner" ? WE ALL SEE COOL HUMOR AND HAPPENSTANCE IN OUR EVERY DAY WORLDS Get your phone/camera race ready to click and capture when you see them. RECIPES