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Top of the Morning April 15


Hello Hola Bonjour Monday and friends! Brand new week = wide open day spaces for possibilities of cool and exciting wonders to present themselves to us. I'm always up for that! Check out the wonderful treasures of finds I collected to share today. Beginning with: BARKEEPERS FRIEND + HOW TO REMOVE HARD WATER STAINS FROM GLASS As many of us are in the Spring Cleaning mode - these 2 might be great helpers! WHOLESOME, COMFORTING POSTS FROM JUST ONE WEEK Are awesome heartfelt + some silly fun. My 2 favorites are: #2 - How does a worm get to a balcony on the 37th floor? #13 - Some stranger, somewhere remembers you because you were kind to them. BENEFITS OF PICKLE JUICE I am totally a fan of pickle juice for muscle contractions in my legs or arches of my feet!  Totally works for me in the middle of the night when trying to walk it out isn't working. SIMMER POT RECIPES/COMBO IDEAS Simmer pot = a small pan on the stove on medium low to me - no special simmer pot required around here .  Makes my house smell so good. RECIPES!
Winter Fairy By Mucha


Hi Everyone! How's the New Year going so far (all of 3 days - ha)?  All's well in my world. Presenting Wednesday Reader on this first Wednesday of 2024. Lots of fun packed in this episode for reading + thought enjoyment.  Beginning with: POP QUIZ Reminded me how much I love(d) "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and, yes, the song "Moon River."  Totally gonna find + watch + re-visit that classic. QUICK QUESTION Best compliment I think I can give to someone -- you matter.  Whether spoken or implied.  I love it when I hear it or feel it from someone.  How about you? GRAVESIDE SERVICE STORY Is a funny, for sure. LIMA BEAN SOUP What?!  Yes!  Seriously good, unique, tried-and-true.  The magic (as is usually the case with anything involving beans) start with dried beans.  And have you ever had a grilled Pimento Cheese + Ham sandwich?  No?  Now's the time!  Yes?  Lima Bean Soup and Grilled Cheese Pimento Sandwiches with or without ham are soup mates for sure!
5 For Friday November 10


Greetings Beautiful Readers and Happy Friday ! Another stellar line up this 5 for FRIDAY beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP column. As always, Steph brings her innate fashion expertise to us!  Fortunate us - she writes exclusively for Daymaker Readable Art. The SPANX leather looking leggings are the bomb-a-reno!  Love that they're so versatile - tennis shoes, boots, sweatshirt, dressy shirt, and BONUS they keep any jiggle-wiggles tucked in! I'm gravitating toward the tennis shoe look with the SPANX leggings.  That's me. My sisters, have said to me more than a handful of times, "Cher, do you have any other shoes in your closet besides tennis shoes and Birkenstocks or flip-flops?" I say, "Yeah, of course."  They say, "Time to break 'em out."  HA! As soon as I finish plugging in today's episode -- I'm going to look for a pair of these SPANX leather looking leggings for MOI.  Starting with Steph's tip of checking out Ebay first! Thank you, Steph, for keeping us in the know with your tried-and-true insider info! QUICK QUESTION - What could someone figure out about me by the friends I've chosen? My answer -- positive, happy people who are laid back and easy to be around.  You?
Top of the Morning September 25


GREETINGS COOL READERS ON THIS LAST MONDAY OF SEPTEMBER FROM CHERYL CLARSON I think the illustration today is super happy and whimsical - and makes me smile. How was your weekend?  All good around here.  Uneventful.  Often times - that's my favorite report from a weekend. Collected this handful of great reads for today: Loved the brick home painting transformations a lot! Size comparison of sea creatures -- uhhh-uhhh-uhh!  I think they're super cool and I love that they're in the deep blue ocean.  I've had people say to me, "Have ya ever been on a 7 day cruise?"