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Top of the Morning April 1st


Hello Friends! How can April be here already?  So crazy how time flies (as in months at a time)! As April 1st is known to be a prank day -- have you ever pranked something funny on April 1st or been pranked? Super-duper collection to share today.  (All legit - no pranks - ha!) Beginning with: 25 SIDE YARD IDEAS All so very beautiful.  Like a cool hallway in our homes - but outside! DECADENT ABANDONED MOSQUES IN TURKEY Wow!  The craftsmanship and artists.  Abandoned.  Why? A REAL LIFE INVISIBILITY SHIELD Is most intriguing.  I love that it's roll-and-go as opposed to a giant piece of plexiglass sort of thing that has to be carted around by a vehicle or trailer.  What a great invention.  I, personally, wonder if movie sets/commercials are embracing it, as well.  Move over green screen. HERE'S WHAT OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN CHILDHOOD BOOKS LOOK LIKE IN REAL LIFE ACCORDING TO AI To me -- most of the AI "real life" depictions were what I had envisioned in my mind save -- The Little Prince. GREAT READ ON GETTING READY FOR UPCOMING APRIL 8 2024 SOLAR ECLIPSE I seriously didn't realize how big of a deal it's going to be.  Especially in my neck of the woods.  Ordered a pair of NASA approved disposable glasses to look and watch.  I've been told that hotels are sold out, people in the area are actually renting out their homes like a B & B for a couple of nights for a lot of dough -- as in the $thousands.  Crazy!
Wednesday Reader October 25
Top of the Morning July 17


H*E*L*L*O !!  FRIENDS Thanks for popping in today -- grateful! Brand new start of the week.  What are you gonna do with yours? I'm making my list of intentions and will tag it to the 'fridge and check off tasks as I (hopefully -- motivation stick with me, please - :)) accomplish. Among them will be power washing deck and sidewalks ( oh joy -- eye roll ).  But it sure will look pretty and feel wonderful when it's finished and in the rear view mirror. The 12 chosen for today's episode:
Top of the Morning June 12


Greetings happy Readers - How was your week?  'Twas quite warm here.  And wet.  Rain showers on a daily basis in late afternoon. I got numerous tasks accomplished over the weekend which always feels good. One biggie was pulling out and removing a very large root ball of what was once a gorgeous bamboo plant that grew (very isolated) in a galvenized container on my back deck. I think the freeze was just too much for it - RIP. So now that the root ball is gone - I can home something else large and fun in the cool horse trough planter. ** Interesting - none of the nurseries around here carry bamboo any more.  I totally get why.  But I'd sure like to plant another bamboo in the container.  It was cool and tall and floaty. ** Presenting the 12 fun + funny + great recipe finds + fascinating picks for today. The Boston Typewriter Orchestra performance is just SO. MUCH. FUN. Candid Camera's, "You've been Downgraded" is hilarious.
5 For Friday March 24 | owl strutting


Greetings on this 2nd to the last Friday of March. So far - March is not "going out like a lamb" ...  just yet.  Temperatures here are diving into the 30s at night.  I feel like it's kinda unusual - but weather - will be weather.  Ha! PICTURE LINE UP #1 HELLO BEAUTIFUL WISTERIA BLOOMING on my arbor over the stairs going into the front yard ...  reminds me of the Lilac bushes that bloom in Montana.  Love (!) Lilac bushes - doing their thing and popping like crazy - and smell like no other!  I miss them.  And, I miss cutting a few of the clusters of blooms on their little branches and placing them in ordinary little glass vases and positioning them around the house.  Ahhh !  Sweet purple memories. No Lilac bushes around these parts.  However, Wisteria and its super brilliant - similar purple color - gifts me with peek-a-boo memories - next best thing! #2 HELLO CUTE DONKEY who came up to the fence line on our walk.  Pretty sure lil' Donkey was checking us out AND to see if we had any treats.  Big fat boo, no treats this time.  But sure will be next time. #3 RUMOR HAS IT ... egg prices are dropping.  Crossing my fingers! #4 THIS TAKE-MY-BREATH-AWAY beautiful red piece of stained glass art was a gift from a friend.  Totally makes a plain ol' window in a room become the star attraction!  Thanks, Johnny, for this vibrant piece. DEAR ANNIE'S column is a great read.  A little sad - but talk about strength!  And inspiring.   And at the end - there is a "rainbow." SWEET POTATO BISCUITS - so easy to make and so worth the effort! 5 WONDERFUL SONGS all lined up for a listen.  Hope you have a little space in your day to check them out. As always - thank you for your time + comments + sharing with friends and family + Daymaker hearts!  I so appreciate you all.
Wednesday Reader March 8 | Amanita Muscaria


Hello - Hello!  Happy Wednesday. I present today's Wednesday Reader for your enjoyment. Stephanie Hayes' column "Tips for Completing the Following 89 Chores in our Airbnb" is super funny. Leslie Elman's Trivia and Fascinating stuff is ... well, fascinating and interesting.  Leslie's collections are def material for making us the most interesting person in the room. Recipe for Chicken Fried Steak and Muzzleloader gravy is tried-and-true.  If you love Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy - you gotta put these in your recipe box. And the "Daffodil Principle" story is one of my favorites.  Daffodils are popping up everywhere here.  I see them and this story comes to mind.  Very cool thing. As always, thank you for being here. Have a fabulous day!
5 For Friday July 8 | Mcracker Jack

5 for Friday | July 8

Hi everyone ! How was your week ?  Happy and productive ? I came across these cool doors on a walk.  Color + design = pieces of art.  Check out the red door's pull handle ! It's hot, It's July.  Try the Farm to Market Salad this weekend.  Totally refreshing and satisfying.  Same goes for the 5 for Friday playlist songs.  Hope you'll give it a listen. Thanks for dropping by today.  Gratitude.