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Hello Friends - How's the daylight saving time working out for you Day 2?  Adjusted to it all the way yet?  It takes me two or three days to adjust/embrace it all the way because I, for whatever reason, play this little game with myself -- Well, it's 12:00 but it's really 11:00 or vice versa when the fall comes and we fall back.  Weird?  I don't know - not to me anyway.  Anybody else play this Daylight Saving Game for a day or two? By the way, I'm totally late to the proper name of Daylight Saving Time.  I've always referred to it as Daylight Savings Time.  Won't anymore now that I know. Collected these today for inspiration + information + fun + and recipes worthy of a looksy. BEGINNING WITH: PHOTOS OF FORGOTTEN THINGS That will instantly be recognizable to "Boomers".  There's something bouncing around in my memory box right now wondering, Did I already put this in a previous episode months ago or were you just thinking about it, Cheryl?  Unsure - nonetheless, a fun walk down memory lane for those of us who know have earned the title of "Boomer".  My favorite take-aways from the piece were Tang (was never a big Kool-Aid fan as a kid, but I sure loved Tang), Columbia House member (hand raised here!).  Carbon paper sets for a manual typewriter - yep, used them. The entire list is a super blast from the past. PICTURES OF A FOREST PATH Well, I chose #5 because I it was really pretty and wasn't a little foreboding to me like a couple of the other path choices.  (I've probably watched or worked on too many shows where paths like those were creepy - caution tape - stuff.  Ha.)  Not sure that I agree with the "personality traits" that my choice of a forest path reveals about me... but it was a fun little quiz thing. CLEVER HUMOROUS LICENSE PLATES Were just that -- Clever and Humorous.  And, yes, while sitting in traffic I do enjoy spotting a license plate like one of these. SECRET WEAPON CALLED TOMATO CHICKEN BULLION
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Yes, I've witnessed multiple something(s) miraculous.  How about you? I totally love Tips for a Beautiful Life.  Truth, for sure.  I'm gonna strive to do every one -- each day.  Just can't be that hard.  Mind Set. Leslie Elman's Fascinating Facts is always ... Fascinating.  Brown paper bags ... Truly try the Mud Pie recipe.  It's a summertime treat. Riddle Me This Answer is wonderful!  I won't forget that one -- ever. Tracy Beckerman is such a fun writer!  Slice of Life I can totally identify with.
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Greetings -  Hope your week is swell.  January's moving so fast, and the temperatures have been crazy warm, I feel like I'm getting a little Spring fever. Gotta keep reminding myself that February is traditionally one of the coldest month's here in my neck of the world. Spring will come quick enough.  In the mean time, I can look through catalogs for seeds and magazines for cool ideas and make garden plans (large + small + containers) with pen and paper.  That's my plan.  How about you? Thanks for being here!