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Wednesday Reader March 8 | Amanita Muscaria

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 26

Greetings Outstanding readers! How's the week been? Wonderful around here. I put in some quality weed pulling time, hung up my 2 hummingbird feeders with fresh nectar = sugar water (no sightings of the fast little birds just yet - but I know they're gonna discover, come and enjoy) and have been doing a daily 5-5-5 of Spring Cleaning purging (see Top of the Morning for that cool tip -  Quick way to revisit - click ) + hung out with Stephanie for lunch and laughter. I'm looking forward to a productive and chill weekend! FAB 5 for FRIDAY line-up today - Beginning with STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP I love the beautiful, inexpensive glass vases + bowls + glued on colored stones = original little pieces of glimmering mushroom art to perfectly position in the garden or in big planters.  COOL and easy-peasy to make/create thanks to Steph telling us how! I know of these colored stones Steph speaks of in her column.  Have seen them in Hobby Stores (they come in little "fishnet" style bags and they're eye-candy pretty).  Pretty sure I have a bag or 2 around here *sigh* no idea idea where they are - but I'm on the hunt. Steph's idea of the upside down Tiffany lamp planter is gorgeous! AND the Caprese Avocados - holy smokes YUM!  Lunch and light dinner on repeat! Thanks, Steph! QUICK QUESTION Is a toughy. So many beautiful birds. Let me back up - ALL birds are beautiful, frankly, to me -- even buzzards.  Yep, even a buzzard. However, if a genie granted me a "What kind of bird do ya wanna be for a day or two wish?" -- I'd probably choose Eagle or Hawk.  They soar so high in the sky and are so mighty.  I can only imagine what their "bird's eye view" is.  How about you? JERRY CLOWER'S STEEL MARBLES STORY
5 For Friday November 11 | Allies


Greetings friends, Yesterday was Veteran's Day.  See a Veteran thank that Veteran.  That's how I do it (actually, not just on Veteran's day - but especially today).  So grateful for their fearlessness and sacrifices. ((a little inside scoop ... I'm actually writing this post on the 13th because I wanted to include what I did for Veteran's day.  Hope yours was good +  filled with pride for our wonderful Veterans.)) I traveled to Bastrop, a cool little town just outside of Austin to hang out with my friend Johnny.  We went to the Heroes and Hot Rods car show which lined the streets of downtown, had dinner at Storehouse - a charming dining place with amazing food and a signature drink called the Bramble that was fantastic, and enjoyed a super chill time.