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5 For Friday July 12


Friday frolic greetings! Whoop!  Whoop!  The weekend has arrived (well, almost). COULD I HAVE PASSED THE 8TH GRADE IN 1895 Absolutely not!  Holy cow! I couldn't even pass it as I typed it out to share today at my age of 39 and holding for x amount of years in a row.  Ha No wonder those who have gone before us -- as in way before us -- figured out how to do what they did and build a country and foundations of  ... Just WOW!  Humbling. And these 8th graders passed without GOOGLE at their fingertips! Impressive, inspiring and I also realize I'm not all that sassy smart as I'd like to think I am. QUICK QUESTION What never fails to make me laugh? Memories from back in the day and revisiting them on my own or with family and friends. Side splitting laughter!  Always! You? FILM CREW OUCH THAT HAD TO HURT! Column by Peter is an intriguing read.  Who knew? Well Peter did because of the number of big shows and the pros he worked with for so many years. Yes, I remember Terry Leonard -- legendary stuntman -- who directed 2nd unit on American Outlaws because I, too, was there. 117 degrees every day in Palestine, Texas.  Regardless of the heat and the ratings the show received -- it was super cool to work on. Terry is a class act and well revered by all stunt professionals and crew. And the stunt men and women are larger than life for sure - they know it and so do we. CARNITAS RECIPE Is outstanding!
Wednesday Reader August 16


Leslie Elman never disappoints with her fascinating trivia!  Who knew the back story on the plastic yard pink flamingoes?  Or the X-Ray machine?  Not me.  But we all do now! QUICK QUESTION re: the 5 Senses Mine is hearing.  You? FLOAT COMBOS to think about making while Summer is still Full Blast HOT!