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Wednesday Reader Oct 4


Greetings wonderful Readers (!) Presenting 1st Wednesday in October's fun-for-all read. The Quick Question - Big fish in a little pond or little fish in a big pond?  Me?  I think I prefer big fish in a little pond.  Kinda makes me think of country versus city sort of scenario. I enjoy visiting big cities - the lights - the fast paced moving and shaking - hustle and bustle vibe - but at the end of the day,  just want to go back to my little pond.  You? I LOVE the Goose story -- have seen different writings of it in my emails from friends numerous times over the years.
Top of the Morning February 27


Greetings happy people and Hello Monday! The bug art is pretty wild.  If we could read the fine print - would learn a thing or two, I would imagine. Rounded up these terrific twelve for today.  Click to enjoy. Happy that you're here. Raise  your hand if you attended Jane Fonda's 80s workout videos - I did and exercising with Jane and gang was actually FUN Top 10 reasons for using vinegar in your laundry This is most interesting ... AAA batteries can be used in place of AA batteries Check out these pics showing the uniqueness of living in Alaska