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5 For Friday May 12 | Birds Cup Peasant

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 12

Greetings all and happy Friday - So last Saturday I attended the Scarborough  Renaissance Festival with my friend Laurie.  Price of admission - $37. And it was packed!  A sea of people.  Have no idea how many acres this place was but it was many. And so, so, so many people walking around dressed in super cool well-thought out costumes for the day.  Applause to all who dressed in costume. I've never attended a "Trekie" (as in Star Trek convention) but if I had - this place totally had that kind of vibe in my mind. Apparently, Scarborough Renaissance Festivals happen all over our beautiful U.S. Yep, it was pricey - ticket to get in (thanks, Laurie, for the gift of my admission ticket) and then if you wanna get a bite to eat or a drink ... $$$  However, well worth it.  Think, being at the fair. It was so much fun.  Such a cool event.  And I totally enjoyed the 5 or more hours we were there. Talk about people watching!  Never ending - and everyone was having a chill-time just being there and interacting with others. No strangers sort of feel - just all of us having a united grand day. And all the costumed people were so gracious when I asked if I could snap a pic of them.  "Of Course," was the response every single time.