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Top of the Morning April 22


Mellow Monday greetings, friends - I had a ton of fun collecting these for today! Beginning with: 12-12-12 Method for spring/purging cleaning I'm gonna dial it back to a 5-5-5 Method.  Baby steps for me.  Ha SIZE COMPARISON OF LIVING + EXTINCT ANIMALS Holy camoly! Seeing is believing! My personal YIKES take-a-ways were: Manta Stingray -- 15 feet Saltwater Croc - 16 feet King Cobra - 13 feet 11 ADVERTISING SLOGANS I remember one and all. Makes me feel a little older OR I feel like I have a great memory OR the advertising slogans were so great that I still remember them. My favorite take-aways are: "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" "Where's the Beef?" "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature" "Calgon take me away" I'm thinking the advertisers might want to resurrect these great ads - because we know they're "stickers" - but who am I to suggest such?  Ha WALLPAPER ART INSPIRATION Beautiful ideas. I remember when there was a time in my world that I was a "hater" of wallpaper.  Specifically, when Peter and I bought our home 30+ years ago.  Crazy wallpaper from room-to-room and we stripped all from the walls. But wallpaper and it being art has evolved! Now, downstairs half-bath is wallpapered with art and also upstairs master bedroom (one wall only).  Both beautiful. HOW TO FERTILIZE HANGING BASKETS OF FLOWERS Is absolutely timely!  I'm so gonna follow these tips from the Pros so my pretty hanging baskets will be happy and make me smile throughout the summer and fall. RECIPES
Wednesday Reader November 1st


HELLO FRIENDS AND HELLO 1st DAY OF NOVEMBER FROM CHERYL Greetings all! How did last night go -- meaning trick or treaters or a get-together somewhere? Well --- I sure failed miserably.  I had written in a previous post that I'd not had a trick-or-treater in more than 25 years but I always bought a bag of candy just in case. I didn't buy the candy this year and guess what happened? Doorbell rang and there was my little neighbor pal Edgar Jr all dressed up doing the trick or treat thing.  And there I stood empty candy handed. He smiled and said, "That's okay." BOO on me!   That'll never happen again.  Halloween lesson learned. Great Episode today!
5 For Friday August 25


QUICK QUESTION What do you do when you hear something fall in the middle of the night when you're in bed? I do a big gulp, get out of bed - because I just gotta know where that noise came from.  To date - it's usually cat related.  HA STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP never disappoints with all of her cool fashion ideas!  And egg cartons for storing tiny little necklaces?  Fabulous idea!  I'm on it. #4 PICTURE A book for sale at an outdoor venue.  I had to laugh.  Because - I surely won't laugh at a live dragon should I see one. SWEET AND TART TARRAGON CHICKEN SALAD recipe is delicious.  Different - and I feel pretty confident won't disappoint.  Give it a try.
Top of the Morning February 27


Greetings happy people and Hello Monday! The bug art is pretty wild.  If we could read the fine print - would learn a thing or two, I would imagine. Rounded up these terrific twelve for today.  Click to enjoy. Happy that you're here. Raise  your hand if you attended Jane Fonda's 80s workout videos - I did and exercising with Jane and gang was actually FUN Top 10 reasons for using vinegar in your laundry This is most interesting ... AAA batteries can be used in place of AA batteries Check out these pics showing the uniqueness of living in Alaska


Greetings and happy Friday! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 I would totally agree!  This title caught my eye and couldn't resist putting it in today.  And, yes, pic of book is upside down on purpose.  Ha! #2 Shadow play - on my 3 mile walk today #3 Little tiny peek-a-boo rainbow on my wall!  Happiness Cool thing about the framed picture -- My great Aunt Beth went to the Louvre Museum (France) and gifted me this poster years ago - as in many years ago.  I had it framed and it lives with me on one of my walls.  Early Picasso... #4 Well - got a little involuntary garden action going on in my kitchen. Dear Annie - she's so centered with her thoughts. Recipe - let's make a killer hot sandwich, shall we? 5 songs to listen to - hope you have time... As always, I am so grateful that you're here hanging out today!
Top of the Morning February 13


Happy Friday, Everybody ! Picture line up: #1 Birds of a feather flock together on feeder outside my picture window.  Check out the cool ice cycles on the other side of the "roof" of the feeder.  A little something extra fun - for sure. #2 Daymaker in action.  My friend Marky rescued/adopted little "Beanie" from a home that didn't show the love nor did they want him.  Marky was definitely a Daymaker to this little fellow! He reports that "Beanie" is living the dream now.  Bathed, fed, sleeps inside on a brand new, little dog bed (previously, had slept outside on cold concrete) and feels loved - because he is.  Hat Tip, Marky! #3 Shadow play across my dining room table. #4 Dream on Dreamer.  We all know the stories of a message in a bottle, right?  Be on the look out for a message in a window.  Spotted this one while walking by a cool little shop in a small town nearby. Annie Lane has some solid thoughts about weight loss drug "fad." Eggs on a Stack recipe.  How fun are these?  I'll tell ya, they're a lot of breakfast-on-the-weekend fun food. 5 tried-and-true songs to give a listen to... Maybe over weekend Eggs on a stack breakfast?
Top of the Morning February 6


Greetings all and happy beginning of a brand new week! I love this illustration.   Takes me sledding down memory lane.  We had sleds like these when we were kids.  They were crazy fast.  I preferred sitting on the racer and steering it with my feet.  That was daring enough for me. Ha! I enjoyed picking out the greats for the 12 today.  Click and enjoy. Dear Annie is spot on as usual. I'm happy you're here.  Thank you. Check out these spliced photos - pretty trippy Did you love Cracker Jack's as a kid?  Then you'll love this little piece of interesting 10 simple ways to be a kinder person ...every day These cool U.S. towns look like they're stuck in time DIY 5-gallon bucket planters - to grow a garden anywhere.  Start planning now! Stephen Kings 20 rules for writers - very cool Winning, awwww-mazing underwater photos
Top of the Morning December 5


Now that Thanksgiving and all the great food + family time + memories are tucked away,  It's Christmastime! There are those who have called me the Queen of Christmas decorations.  I have half a storage unit full of Christmas coolness:  different colors and heights of trees, strings of lights, stunning, vintage gold balls that my great Aunt Suzy willed me, one-of-a-kind thrift store finds of retro pieces that plug in and illuminate, Hunter's sweet ornaments from when he was in K-2nd grade (priceless!) and boxes and boxes of many other treasured Christmas pieces. This year, I down sized as far as how much I put up.  Although downsized it's still super pretty and memories smile as I pass the decorations and lights throughout the house. I love this time of year.  An undeniable, irresistible magic. Here's the fun list of 12 for this grand Monday.  Enjoy!
Tanglewood Tales Flying Dragon

5 for Friday | September 2

Hello happy people!  And hello September!  The heat's still on here but the finish line is within sight (meaning fall temps). This week I had a CRAVING for Tex-Mex so I fixed that 4 days in a row.  Check out the street taco combos for ideas to recreate at home.  All were incredible! Veggie Taco grilled mushrooms, onion, green pepper.  Fresh tomato, cilantro cotija cheese, fresh lime squeeze and red + green salsa Fried Avocado Taco avocado wedges coated with Panko and deep fried, placed on a thin refried bean layer, topped with pico + shredded lettuce + cheddar and monterey jack cheese.  Poblano ranch dressing. Jamaican jerk chicken Taco grilled chicken chunks seasoned with
Top of the Morning August 8 2022


Hi cheerful Readers and happy Monday.  Summer's flying by.  School starts here next week.  I remember that our school session - back from summer vacation - always started the day after Labor Day.  Bet the kids wish that were still the case.  Ha! Here's the interesting dozen line up for this week.  Click and Enjoy! It's all about the sauce, baby Decorating with plants indoors - stylish And the real owl is ... I like fresh squeezed lime juice on this
Top of the Morning August 1 | Man in the Moon.


Hello Monday and hello August!  A great group of 12 for you to check out.  Click and Enjoy. This looks very interesting.  Gonna give it a try Working the shift Outdoor kitchens are awesome
Top of the Morning July 25 2022


Howdy all and happy Monday!  Guess whose birthday is tomorrow?  Besides Mick Jagger?  Moi! Here's today's collection of goodies to click and enjoy. I love, love, love this video.  I never grow tired of watching it.  Pure magic Name the band if you can