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5 For Friday March 22

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 22

Friday greetings, friends! Great line-up today beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP I love Stephanie's Xeriscape planter pots tips!  And they look so cool.  Pretty sure I can do that and will! I've planted many, many planter pots of flowers over the years and water in the morning, but by mid-afternoon they don't look so perky and I can almost hear them whispering, Water, water, water please.  Poor babies - of course - I grab a watering container or hose and give them more gulps of water.  Sadly, no matter how hard I try being water girl, by end of summer, they just didn't survive the heat.  Boo! However, there's a new plan around here thanks to Steph's insider tips! AND I totally love the rock garden idea in a large, cool, flat, natural looking container  -- collected pieces from past adventures - future adventures OR simply flat-out buying them from an online source and incorporating all to become a signature masterpiece here at my home. Thanks, Steph!  Keep your innovative ideas headed our way because we are FANS! QUICK QUESTION What's something I do that some may find odd or humorous?  Well, I save envelopes from bills or advertisements I get in the mailbox and use the backs of the envelopes for grocery lists, to-do-lists, reminder notes that I magnet tack to the 'fridge.  I think it's kind of like recycling, yes?  At the very least it's re-purposing.  Works for me!  How about you? 8-YEAR-OLD-PAPER ON GRANDPARENTS I smiled from ear to ear reading this little 8 year old's paper as it is so beautifully true and brought back numerous memories of my (our) grandparents who were the coolest, kindest, patient, grey haired people on the planet.  So many life lessons learned from them - including - and - especially LOVE. BROWN DERBY COBB SALAD RECIPE Is the OG.  I stumbled across this recipe years ago from a recipe book that was specifically dedicated to recipes requested over and over again from readers of the Los Angeles Times most popular food column Dear S.O.S.  Indeed, I have made this salad many, many times and, yes, it's fabulous --  and the Special French Dressing is the icing on the salad.
5 For Friday November 17


Hola! How's your week been?  And how's gearing up for Thanksgiving going? All's good around here.  Never a dull moment and plenty of laughter and what in the world peek-a-boos! Another fabulous line-up today beginning with Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap. Gotta love the cool versatile look this one little faux-fur bomber style jacket offers.  Once again (!) Steph keeps us in the know and shares with us her insider tips on how to dress to impress.  Thanks, Steph! The QUICK QUESTION has my mind thinking of several answers.  I'll just stand with what my Grandpa used to say, "If you can't say anything nice -- don't say anything at all."
5 For Friday August 11

5 for FRIDAY | AUGUST 11

Super fun line up today : Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap about nails is totally insider's information shared today by Stephanie.  Tried and true.  And the color!  Classy, fabulous and matches anything you might be wearing or think about wearing. Quick Question - What do I miss about my youth?  Easy.  Foot loose and fancy free!  Mom and/or Dad had it all taken care of.  How about you? Cinch Strap Sandwich is incredibly good.  Meat lovers - you'll love this sandwich and won't miss the absence of meat!  Should probably call it Fresh-picked-from-the garden sandwich delight.  Cinch Strap is more fun.  I think. Humorous Church reader boards - They're tongue-in-cheek -- made ya think.
5 For Friday July 14

5 for FRIDAY | JULY 14

Friday greetings ! How has your week been?  All is well in my world.  Hot temps - but it's that time of year.  No stranger for sure.  I adjust same as I'm sure you do. My mom text me today, "I'd rather have it hot than freezing cold." I gotta agree with that! We both say that as solid Montana girls who have been through the freezing cold and prefer not to endure freezing temps - if we don't have to.  Ha! Presenting 5 for Friday: Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap self tanning lotion tips ... YES! Thanks Steph, for telling us about a fabulous product that we can look sun-kissed without laying in the sun for hours.
5 For Friday June 23

5 for Friday | June 23

Greetings!  And Hello Friday! Gosh, almighty the rain and storms have been CRAZY here. Lost power last late afternoon - took out my little battery operated lanterns until power came back on.  And lit the pillar candles on the mantle and in a couple bathrooms.  All went well. Yeah, I know - everyone will say we can always use some rain!  Indeed. PICTURE LINE UP:  1 - 2 -3 ARE "MADE-YA-LOOK" LIGHT SOURCES:
Wednesday Reader June 21 | eyestsr


Howdy All - Well, it's calendar official - June 21 - SUMMER'S ON! It's already felt like summer has arrived - but now we know it's official. I'm still trying to figure out my best answer for Quick Question - "What's the weirdest thing about modern life people accept as normal?"  Do you have one that zooms at you?
Sea Horses Antique Illustration

5 for FRIDAY | JUNE 9

Greetings All! And hello, Friday! And hello cool ideas for planters around our living spaces! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Look at this narrow tall planter box that has fig trees in it!  YES! #2 Parsley in a planter.  Very cool.  Could also be basil or rosemary.  Or a combo of several! #3 Oh ... pretty zinnias all planted in a planter box on a table.  High five! #4 My personal favorite - donkey pulling a little cart ... A super cool concrete thing (meaning super heavy) that I found at garden store going out of business a few years ago.  I got this beauty for $15.  Believe it or not.  Truth. Be on the look out for something cool and extraordinary around your neck of the woods.  They're out there!  Just gotta be on the look out! My answer for nicknames of people I have in my life: my sister, Jennie, is Jen, My sister, Lisa, is Lea, my son, Hunter, is Hunter Bear, My mom is, Mama, my friend, Dixie, is Dix.  And my family and super close friends call me - Cher. What are nicknames for people close to you? 5 songs on the playlist are so pretty.  Hope you have a few to give them a listen. As always - we so appreciate your time and giving us a piece of your day on this Friday.  Grateful. Have a great weekend!
Wednesday Reader June 7 | Mettower


Greetings friends!  And Wednesday ... Presenting Wednesday Reader. I love the weirdness of our English language.  Ha!  Makes me think about it every time I use a word or phrase that really makes little sense.  Oxymoron sort of stuff. Nonetheless - we all get it. Leslie Elman's Pop Quiz and Fascinating Facts ... are the bomb-a-reno. My answer to Quick Question - "What Values are Most Important" ... The teachings of those who have gone before me (my grandparents, my dad, great aunts and uncles) - all so valuable as I remain here on planet earth and remembering what they taught me by their "walk in life." I'll add - close friends - LAUGHTER with those who share a kindred spirit sort of thing ...  All of us still on planet Earth who continue to Walk our walk and enjoy time with one another!  Never know what we'll pick up along our journey - that is VALUABLE. How about you? As Always, we thank you for sliding by and giving us a piece of your day.  Gratitude. Have a great day. We'll see ya Friday!
5 For Friday May 26 | Jen Pic

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 26

Hey - Hey!  And Hey Friday! Shout out to my sister Jennie; today's her birthday. The black and white featured image is her at the age of 3 - wearing our Grandpa's boots, her *broken in* hat, and hauling around a bridle. Living the Montana kid dream sans videos, video games, tablets and more channels on television than "you could shake a stick at".  haha Happy Birthday, Jen!  xo I was a Daymaker to a tiny little frog in the pool yesterday. I didn't get a pic because I had to get it out as quickly as possible. It was paddling, paddling, paddling to stay afloat.  No doubt, worn out! I'm not sure -- but when I got it out of the pool and put it in the garden -- it was "taking a moment" and a sigh of relief that it had been rescued from drowning -- I feel like it kinda looked at me and said, "Thank you" before it hopped away into cover of plants the garden offers. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 BEAUTIFUL ROSE "TREE" - there's something cool happening in the rose tree.  Can ya spot it? #2
Wednesday Reader May 24 | Ship Castle Godwin


Greetings happy readers! And hello - midweek! Presenting today's Wednesday Reader - Once again, Leslie Elman gives us material to be the most interesting person in the room with the Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff. FAB FOUR - side hustles- of Ranch Dressings is thumbs up!  Finger licking good! I don't know what my outside voice answer is for the Quick Question - "What's your ... and then it got worse ..."  You? I can totally relate to Tracy Beckerman's column about ATM issues.  Not so much hers ... but can relate.  A great piece. Wise Guy - cracks me up!  I like his style! As always -- we are so grateful for you sliding by and giving us part of your day. Thank you!  Wishing you a Wednesday full of joy. We'll see ya Friday.
5 For Friday April 2

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 28

Hey!  Hey! Well, last Friday of April has arrived + the last weekend of April. Monday is May 1st. Does anyone remember (as a kid) picking some wild flowers or gathering *cough* neighbors' garden flowers and placing the tiny bundle on a front porch - ringing the bell - and running?! For a May Day surprise?  I raise my hand. We totally did it as kids.  Cool memory. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 HAPPY SIDEWALK ART I spotted on a walk.  Thank you, artist, whoever you are.  So wonderful! #2 ON THE SAME WALK - LOOKED UP and it felt like Heaven opened a window and said, Hello, to me.   Hello, back! #3 LITTLE HANDMADE SIGN in a garden on another walk ... true that!  Ha #4 WHAT A CLEVER USEFUL TOOL  Little pricey - but can totally see how it can be beneficial to young and old!  Check it out here C-Pen Dear Annie's column is super worthy of a read.  "Steven" wishing you the best! Lil' Pizza recipe assembly is easy, good and a lot of fun! Playlist - is, well, music for your ears.  Hope you have a little time to give it a listen. Thank you so much for sliding by and giving us a read on this last Friday of April.  Appreciate one and all!
Top of the Morning April 24


Greetings! Can you believe it's the last Wednesday of April? This month sure zipped by quickly. Ready for May?  Ready or not - here it comes. Presenting Wednesday Reader. Leslie Elman's Trivia Bits is always greatness and material to be the most interesting person in the room when an opportunity arises to share the trivia + fascinating stuff with others. Stephanie Hayes' Letter to the guy on the treadmill next to her had me rolling with laughter! I actually could read the mind blowing message.  Had a couple friends read it - and they could, too.  Little bit of fun - for sure. Thai style Chicken Breasts are the bomb-a-reno.  So, so good!  Give the recipe a try.  I'd be shocked if it wasn't love at first bite. As always, so grateful that you're here - reading - sharing - commenting. See ya Friday!