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5 For Friday July 8 | Mcracker Jack

5 for Friday | July 8

Hi everyone ! How was your week ?  Happy and productive ? I came across these cool doors on a walk.  Color + design = pieces of art.  Check out the red door's pull handle ! It's hot, It's July.  Try the Farm to Market Salad this weekend.  Totally refreshing and satisfying.  Same goes for the 5 for Friday playlist songs.  Hope you'll give it a listen. Thanks for dropping by today.  Gratitude.
Top of the Morning Memorial Day May 29


Hi All! Hope your 4th of July was memorable: food + family + fireworks watching +  recalling what this holiday means to all of us.  I had a grand day.  Neighbors invited me to their get-together and it was full of food, lots of friendly faces, laughter and new memories!  Here's the latest Wednesday Reader.  Enjoy!