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Wednesday Reader May 1


Wednesday greetings - Shazam (!) and just like that May has arrived! Time (weeks, months) seems to pass and sneak up fast. Presenting Wednesday Reader full of fun and fascination. Beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA AND FASCINATING FACTS Mittens + famous writers' being rejected + porcupines.  Intriguing. QUICK QUESTION I didn't or don't recall every having an imaginary friend as a kid.  However, I remember my grandma telling stories about Boo-Boo-Shorty - the imaginary friend my uncle had as a kid.  Funny!  Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid?
Wednesday Reader July 12 | Water Lilies


Greetings fellow fans of the printed word - How's your week going so far?  Mine good-good-good. Presenting Wednesday Reader for your enjoyment. Once again, Leslie Elman gives us material - we may or may not have known - to think about and offer outside-the-box material to be the most interesting person in the room with her Pop Quiz Q&A and Fascinating Stuff. Wow!  Quick Question - Good one - "What is worth standing in line for?"  I'm still pondering that one.  You? Out of the mouths of 1st Graders still has me rolling with happiness!
Top of the Morning March 20