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Wednesday Reader May 15


Hola! Bonjour! Howdy! Wednesday greetings, friends!  Midweek is here and Friday and the weekend are just 2 short days away! Great line up to share today beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA BITS POP QUIZ I knew 1 outta 3 and now I know 3 outta 3 and you will too.  We just got schooled (in a good way) and feel "light bulb" brighter/smarter! QUICK QUESTION Me, my favorite junk food *gasp*  is Doritos Nacho Cheese chips.  I'd eat myself sick on them if left unattended.  Ha. However, I rarely keep them in my house.  When working on Set I used to grab a little bag from the Craft Service table and pop that bad boy open and savor!  You? K9-ALITIES Had me laughing out loud! RECIPE FOR COLD SESAME NOODLES Is TDF!  It's so. so. so. so. good.  Did I mention good?  It's outstanding.  And, yes, leftovers are the dreams of midnight snack attacks! FINDER'S KEEPERS WREATH