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Wednesday Reader Nov 8


GREETINGS friends (!) Presenting Wednesday's Reader. Another great line-up today beginning with: Quick Question - What's the key to living a good life?  It took me a few years to live my answer ... it's Peace. Love. Joy.  You? Mind Games is a mind tripper.  I got tripped up on a couple. Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread Recipe is one that I clipped from a magazine years ago.  We made lots and lots of loaves to sell at Hippie Cowboy this time of year.  It's a simple recipe to whip up, the aroma coming out of the oven as it bakes is spectacular and the bread is outta this world delicious and moist.  I totally guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  It's beautiful goodness.
Wednesday Reader October 18 | Owl Web


HEY-HEY EVERYONE! Presenting Daymaker Readable Art's Wednesday Reader.  Terrific line-up today. I've never really thought about the Quick Question regarding do fish ever get thirsty?  Ha!  Probably not. The POWER OF PUNCTUATION "speaks" for itself.  Pretty cool. My first pet memory was a doberman by the name of Mitzi (my dad was a big fan of dobies). We lived in Merriam, Kansas at the time. 
Wednesday Reader May 10 | The Hornet


Hello All! It's hump-day or mid-week or whatever we individually call it.  It's Wednesday.  And I present the Wednesday Reader. Tracy Beckerman's column on "Sleeping with the Enemy," is so funny to me.  She's gonna be part of the Wednesday line up from here on out.  Welcome Tracy! Hmmm ... my answer to the question - Easy come, Easy go ... still thinking about it.  You? Poppy Seed dressing is stellar.  I make it and keep it in the fridge for whatever strikes "my fancy" in the warmer/hotter months.  Refreshing. Leslie Ellman's Trivia Bits - Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff - remains one of my favorites.  Love it.  Hope you do, too. Friday's issue is gonna be cool!  Posting pics and a little story about attending Scarborough Fair Festival with my friend Laurie.  I cannot believe how fun it was and how I've been missing out for all these years! As always, thanks to one and all for sliding by and giving Daymaker Readable Art a read.  Grateful.  My hope is that it gives a chuckle or two and stays with you as you wonder and think about a couple pieces you've read here.