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Top of the Morning May 22


Good Morning Monday! May is zooming by, isn't it? Blink and it'll be August.  Figuratively... Totally enjoyed hand-picking today's 12.  Fun + Fascinating + Happiness.  Hope you enjoy, as well. Here we go - click away: Impressive statues you have to see to believe - my favorite is # 17 Brilliant & hilarious High School Yearbook quotes Can you smell when rain is coming?  Apparently, some can and some can't.  I can ... A little walk down memory lane - raise your hand if you remember these ... Hello Green Spaghetti recipe!
Captain Future
Top of the Morning May 1


Hello May!  Hello friends - New month.  New opportunities.  New weather.  New flowers.  New menu ideas.  New Boho Animal art piece by Spring Whitaker on my kitchen wall calendar - I adore this cool calendar - check it out -   here ***  And some good ol' desire for Spring cleaning.  Feels so energizing. Hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was pleasant and chill.  Got some tasks accomplished around my home that would be on the "Spring cleaning" list of - check - done! Collected these fun 12 for today.  Hard for me to choose a favorite.  They're all A+.  Click and Enjoy. Dear Annie's column is totally worth a read as they always are.  Even when the Q & A doesn't hit me personally - I generally know of someone in my world who it would. Happy May Day and thanks for popping in and giving us a read. Apparently May 1st has always kinda been a big deal 10 little tricks to be braver everyday - FIST PUMP! Might be time to rob our piggy banks for this super-cool- additional-piece of outdoor cooking equipment! All Aboard!!  Stunning train journeys.  Looks like super cool adventures for sure Did someone say Brunch?  Hello Monte Cristo Breakfast Casserole Pesto Potato Burrata Pizza - should we all decide to get the outdoor pizza oven ... or not Blueberry-Orange Bundt Cake - Breakfast. Dessert. Snack attack greatness!  Funky little road Trip on your mind for summer?  Check out this guide to the most memorable roadside attractions - they look like a trip for sure! Top 10 Amazing Savants with real Super Powers .  Wow.  Just.  Wow.  Gotta see to appreciate.  Blew me away with Awe + Happy. Got a cowboy hat?  Thinking about getting one?  Cowboy Hat Etiquette Movie Buff?  Here's a small list of some of the most expensive movie costumes from films you may remember H*I*L*A*R*I*O*U*S ((!))  Candid Camera Classic - Getting a ticket in your own driveway DEAR ANNIE BY ANNIE LANE MY BOYFRIEND'S VACATION ARRANGEMENTS MAKE ME SEASICK
Top of the Morning April 24
Top of the Morning April 17
Top of the Morning April 10


Greetings All  - I spotted a BIG Opossum outside my kitchen window yesterday morning raiding the catfood bowl. Are Opossums supposed to come out during the day?  I don't really recall seeing one during the day. Anyway, it ate (cleaned the entire bowl) and waddled off to wherever.  It was pretty darn cute. I didn't snap a picture to share because I didn't want to open the screen door and startle it away. Being Easter - I told myself that it had scored its kind of Easter eggs on this particular Sunday morning hunt - ha (!!) - and let it be undisturbed. Collected these 12 pieces of fun + interesting + recipes for today. Click away and enjoy!
Top of the Morning April 3
Top of the Morning March 20


Hello Monday + Daymakers - How was the weekend? Spring is "springing" up fast here. Trees are starting to fill out with the most beautiful greens (my favorite color) and so are yards and pastures.  Birds are hitting the feeders and chirping in the trees with what sounds to me like excitement. Very cool time of year. Found these super interesting 12 to share today.  Click and enjoy. Dear Annie has some straight-forward thoughts for  ~ Lonely. Thanks for being here right this moment and reading + sharing with friends and family + sharing your thoughts and comments.  I appreciate you!
Top of the Morning March 13
Original Art illustrations


Hello and Greetings to first Monday of March. How's March going for you? I've been busy "tending" to the spring-like pop up of weeds.  As a very seasoned garden employee at Home Depot once told me, "As soon as you see them, take care of them!"  Sage advice. I found these super fun 12 for today.  Click to enjoy. Dear Annie's column is great for all of us who wonder what to give to someone who has everything. Thanks for hanging out today.  Gratitude. 10 best movies that prove Fairy Tales are timeless If you're thinking about adding a fabulous rose to your garden/yard this year -- look no further -- Colette climbing rose is breathtaking This. Story. Will. Stay. With. You.  Absolutely unforgettable once you hear it
Top of the Morning January 15


Hello Hello!  January's slipping by quickly it seems.  I found these 12 nuggets of interesting + fun for today's Monday.  Click and enjoy! Thanks for being here.  You and your time are so appreciated. Fabulous vintage photos from just a little while back in the time machine 10 popular things from the 80s ... that we have abandoned
Top of the Morning July 25 2022


Howdy all and happy Monday!  Guess whose birthday is tomorrow?  Besides Mick Jagger?  Moi! Here's today's collection of goodies to click and enjoy. I love, love, love this video.  I never grow tired of watching it.  Pure magic Name the band if you can