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5 For Friday March 8 | mushroom frog tall

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 8

Greetings Daymaker friends! Great Wednesday Read to present today:  fascinating + fun + domestic goddess as a sandwich maker at home. Beginning with -- STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Cool gardening tips. I, personally, have more than a few clay or decorative pots outside just waiting for a new plant "to move in."  Totally gonna happen as it will give my outdoor surroundings happy and beauty from now 'til the first frost of winter. Sponges on the bottom of pot.  Check. A little cinnamon mixed in with potting soil.  Check. Coffee grounds sprinkled on top.  Check. I do know my local Starbucks' offer used coffee grounds in 5# bags free for the hauling - a gift from them to someone's garden - because I've grabbed one or two while inside ordering a tall iced coffee or an iced chai latte, non-fat with 2 shots of espresso (my summer fav go-to). So park, go inside, stand in line, order a cup of coffee or iced tea and look around and see if you're lucky that there might be a bag or 2 of the used coffee grounds just waiting for you to grab and take home.  Score! I'm on the hunt for a clear shoe bag for herbs to plant and hang.  I know exactly where I'm gonna hang my shoe-bag mini herb garden. Such cool, trick ideas, Steph.  Thanks for another column of great, innovative ideas! QUICK QUESTION What motivates me?  Several things.  However top 2 on my list are hanging out with happy people and jumping out of bed every morning with passion, excited for the creative project I'm currently working on. FILM CREW 101 - SCRIPT SUPERVISOR
Top of the Morning February 26
Wednesday Reader December 6


Wednesday Greetings! Great line-up today -- Beginning with Quick Question -- What's something I do when I'm bored?  Believe it or not, I clean outside/inside of cupboards and kitchen drawers, baseboards and inside of the fridge.  I think being bored is actually productive in my world.  Ha!  You? Recipe for Sweet Salted Candid Pecans is addictive.  Make it once and then get ready to make it on REPEAT. BRIGHT NEW DAY is a reminder to us all.  Every single day of 1,440 minutes is indeed a gift. Tracy Beckerman's column Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire is, yet again, another slice-of-life, tongue-in-cheek read I can totally relate to. FASCINATING STUFF - I've not heard of St Nicholas magazine but - Faulkner, yes (!)  And Wolverines ?? And how about all the towns in our beautiful U.S. with the cool Chrismasy names?
The Ship That Sailed to Mars