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5 For Friday September 16 2022 | Out Flew the Moon

5 for Friday | September 16

Hello happy people! Pulse check for your week - how was it?  It was good for me.  My neighbor brought over smoked meatloaf.  Oh, YES!  It's absolutely my favorite and they know it.  Thank you, Trent and Susan! Still harvesting a few fresh tomatoes - I know it's going to come to a halt very, very soon so I am relishing every beautiful offering the plant continues to share. Peach pie happened this week - a friend brought over fresh peaches he ordered outta the Carolinas.  Peaches are without a doubt my very, very  favorite fruit.  The pie lasted about 2 days.  Breakfast, lunch and midnight snack attack action!  Check out the recipe for this unbelievable peach pie from a recipe card I have dated 1989.  Ha