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5 For Friday March 3 | Lady Ingear


Howdy all and Hello Friday! PICTURE LINE UP #1 This picture of morning  - looking out to my backyard - reminds me of the Cat Steven's song, "Morning has Broken" #2 My mom captured some Shadow Play on her garden fence #3 Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, Bastrop, Texas.  Traveled down to Bastrop to hang out with my friend who treated us to dinner at Guadalajara's. Report Card:  Atmosphere - A+ Staff - Hustle - Attentiveness - Genuine Friendliness - A+ Salsa - A+ (and I consider myself a salsa snob - ha) Housemade Flour Tortillas - A+ Chile Rellenos - A+ (and I am a Chile Relleno freak!) Margaritas - A+ #4 These 3 (!) for making brisket in a slow cooker on the counter that tastes like you (or a very seasoned grill master someone) slow smoked it for hours.  My absolute new favorite way to make brisket.  Recipe is included in this episode! Dear Annie calls out a duck! Brisket recipe + ideas for serving As always, thanks for being here.  You are Daymakers to me!