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5 For Friday May 24

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 24

Hola! Bonjour! Howdy! Hello Friday and outstanding readers! Super BLAST of cool today beginning with: STACY'S WORLD WOW!  GULP + YIKES! What an adventure week vacation Stacy and her husband had in Arizona. I love the back stories of the town, Jerome, and the cool shops/galleries she writes about.  Specifically, Pura Vida Gallery!  Fascinating and Intriguing.  Totally on my bucket list! Super excited to learn what Stacy's next column will be about regarding the most unique and interesting piece she found that WE can re-create.  Hello! Thanks, Stacy! QUICK QUESTION Truth or Dare? That's a tough answer for me - depending on the question, I guess. But I think I'd roll with Truth because the Dare could be outlandish.  Ha!! SIMPLE FRIEND vs REAL FRIEND Is straight-up beautiful and TRUTH about friendship. TACO BURGERS
Top of the Morning September 18


HELLO AMAZING READERS (!) FROM CHERYL CLARSON September 8 has jumped upon us just like that.  Quick and stealth! In a blink of an eye - it'll be late September.  How time can fly so fast. The cool illustration art piece today are flies for trout fishing.  Any of you out there fly fishermen? It's a BIG DEAL in Montana and an art - the whole fly fishing thing AND big bragging rights among the fly fishermen if you tie your own flies. My son Hunter was born in Livingston, Montana, and we lived there for numerous years.  It's the home (or at least was) of the famous Dan Baily fly-fishing store. Great line-up for today's 5 for Friday: QUICK QUESTION What's the oldest thing I own?  Still considering my final answer.  How about you? STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP column is (as always) super cool.  What a great DIY project with rustic-cabin-vibe results  Well done, Steph and Rick!