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Hello Friends - How's the daylight saving time working out for you Day 2?  Adjusted to it all the way yet?  It takes me two or three days to adjust/embrace it all the way because I, for whatever reason, play this little game with myself -- Well, it's 12:00 but it's really 11:00 or vice versa when the fall comes and we fall back.  Weird?  I don't know - not to me anyway.  Anybody else play this Daylight Saving Game for a day or two? By the way, I'm totally late to the proper name of Daylight Saving Time.  I've always referred to it as Daylight Savings Time.  Won't anymore now that I know. Collected these today for inspiration + information + fun + and recipes worthy of a looksy. BEGINNING WITH: PHOTOS OF FORGOTTEN THINGS That will instantly be recognizable to "Boomers".  There's something bouncing around in my memory box right now wondering, Did I already put this in a previous episode months ago or were you just thinking about it, Cheryl?  Unsure - nonetheless, a fun walk down memory lane for those of us who know have earned the title of "Boomer".  My favorite take-aways from the piece were Tang (was never a big Kool-Aid fan as a kid, but I sure loved Tang), Columbia House member (hand raised here!).  Carbon paper sets for a manual typewriter - yep, used them. The entire list is a super blast from the past. PICTURES OF A FOREST PATH Well, I chose #5 because I it was really pretty and wasn't a little foreboding to me like a couple of the other path choices.  (I've probably watched or worked on too many shows where paths like those were creepy - caution tape - stuff.  Ha.)  Not sure that I agree with the "personality traits" that my choice of a forest path reveals about me... but it was a fun little quiz thing. CLEVER HUMOROUS LICENSE PLATES Were just that -- Clever and Humorous.  And, yes, while sitting in traffic I do enjoy spotting a license plate like one of these. SECRET WEAPON CALLED TOMATO CHICKEN BULLION