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Father's Day Special


Greetings All - I received this special edition of Dear Annie from Creators syndicate and thought it too cool not to share with you today on actual Father's Day.  It was originally published in 2022.
Wednesday Reader March 20


Greetings Friends and happy Friday before Father's day Sunday. Happy Father's Day to all the special men in our lives - here or gone before us. My quick Question ANSWERS: As kids, my sisters and I would often exclaim, "That's not fair."  My dad always replied, "Life isn't fair." And sometimes I would just be exasperated about something difficult.  My dad would say, "If it was easy -- everyone would be doing it." My Grandpa - in his later years with Parkinson's disease - I'll never forget - said, "If at the end of your life you can count on one hand friends who you could call in the middle of the night and say, 'I need you.'  And that friend says, 'Where are you?  I'm on my way.'" As opposed to friend saying, "What's going on?" You've lived a full life, Cheryl." Isn't that beautiful and spot on? Dixie says that her father, Jack, was a silent type.  His eyes conveyed words.  She could always tell by his eyes if he was disappointed or happy.  'nough said ... What are your memory/answers? Dragon Slayer sandwich is so so so good! Couldn't help putting in the humor of Why It's Great To Be a Guy.  Funny truth. 5 songs selected for today - are close to my heart.  Hope you've got a few to give it a listen. Thanks. For. Being. Here. Today. And giving us a read and your thoughts and a listen.  Blessings all!