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Wednesday Reader March 27


Hello Daymakers! Super fun read today beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN'S POP QUIZ AND FASCINATING FACTS So intriguing learning from her facts and trivia.  More fun than watching an episode of Jeopardy. QUICK QUESTION Can I fold a fitted sheet by myself?  Not so far.  But I still give it a shot every time I pull one out of the dryer.  And when it doesn't fold properly (i.e. - I fail) --  I just kinda-sorta fold it or roll it up and place it in the linen closet and call it good.  Do any of you have a tried and true method?  I'd LOVE to know it! 18 APHORISMS Are So.Very.Relatable. and a chuckle. INSTANT KARMA Love this idea of writing down or mentally assessing my 5's each evening around bedtime.  Pretty sure it will encourage me to find the 5s every day. CREAMY POTATO-GRUYERE GRATIN Is an absolute blue ribbon winner recipe.  Without a doubt my favorite potato gratin recipe EVER.  It was Peter's, too.  I pretty much only prepare it on special occasions (like holidays or birthdays) which makes it all the more special.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this recipe - it's FAN-TAS-TIC!
Wednesday Reader Nov 15


Hello All!  Happy middle-of-the-week! Presenting Wednesday Reader with lots of thoughts and fun tucked in its words.  Enjoy! Beginning with: QUICK QUESTION Do I think my 12 year old self would think I'm cool? Gotta say, yep, to that.  Because my 12 year old self and I are still one and the same.  We evolved together and we're enjoying being our cool - whatever that is.  You? The WOLF YOU FEED Remains one of my favorite parables. Its message will be with you forever once you read it.  Kinda like one of those things that's also been said, "Can't unsee it."  Powerful. INSTANT KARMA
Wednesday Reader August 9


Yes, I've witnessed multiple something(s) miraculous.  How about you? I totally love Tips for a Beautiful Life.  Truth, for sure.  I'm gonna strive to do every one -- each day.  Just can't be that hard.  Mind Set. Leslie Elman's Fascinating Facts is always ... Fascinating.  Brown paper bags ... Truly try the Mud Pie recipe.  It's a summertime treat. Riddle Me This Answer is wonderful!  I won't forget that one -- ever. Tracy Beckerman is such a fun writer!  Slice of Life I can totally identify with.
Wednesday Reader July 5 | Cunard Fish


Greetings fellow fans of the printed word! Today's Wednesday Reader is packed full of fun and thoughts. Beginning with Quick Question -- What do I do when I get nervous?  My inner circle people hear me do an - uhh..uhh..uhh.. sounding like a pressure cooker on a stove.  Totally involuntary, but it's what happens.  You?
5 For Friday June 30 | Red Billed Birds

5 for Friday | June 30

Hello Friday and Welcome !!  Stephanie to Daymaker Readable Art with cool + super affordable fashion and accessory ideas in her column ((exclusively in DRA)), Chic on the Cheap. Wow!  I can hardly believe that today is the last day of June. 
Wednesday Reader March 8 | Amanita Muscaria


Hello - Hello!  Happy Wednesday. I present today's Wednesday Reader for your enjoyment. Stephanie Hayes' column "Tips for Completing the Following 89 Chores in our Airbnb" is super funny. Leslie Elman's Trivia and Fascinating stuff is ... well, fascinating and interesting.  Leslie's collections are def material for making us the most interesting person in the room. Recipe for Chicken Fried Steak and Muzzleloader gravy is tried-and-true.  If you love Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy - you gotta put these in your recipe box. And the "Daffodil Principle" story is one of my favorites.  Daffodils are popping up everywhere here.  I see them and this story comes to mind.  Very cool thing. As always, thank you for being here. Have a fabulous day!
Top of the Morning February 13


Happy Friday, Everybody ! Picture line up: #1 Birds of a feather flock together on feeder outside my picture window.  Check out the cool ice cycles on the other side of the "roof" of the feeder.  A little something extra fun - for sure. #2 Daymaker in action.  My friend Marky rescued/adopted little "Beanie" from a home that didn't show the love nor did they want him.  Marky was definitely a Daymaker to this little fellow! He reports that "Beanie" is living the dream now.  Bathed, fed, sleeps inside on a brand new, little dog bed (previously, had slept outside on cold concrete) and feels loved - because he is.  Hat Tip, Marky! #3 Shadow play across my dining room table. #4 Dream on Dreamer.  We all know the stories of a message in a bottle, right?  Be on the look out for a message in a window.  Spotted this one while walking by a cool little shop in a small town nearby. Annie Lane has some solid thoughts about weight loss drug "fad." Eggs on a Stack recipe.  How fun are these?  I'll tell ya, they're a lot of breakfast-on-the-weekend fun food. 5 tried-and-true songs to give a listen to... Maybe over weekend Eggs on a stack breakfast?