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Wednesday Reader April 10


Hello Outstanding readers! Presenting Daymaker's Wednesday Reader on this day April 10th - Lots of fun and joy today! Beginning with: QUICK QUESTION Undoubtedly my immediate "ick" is in a grocery store when I witness a kid or adult absolutely full-out sneeze or cough (not covering their mouths) on the buggy handle-bar.  Seriously?  Totally makes me never forget to grab a few or more sanitizer wiper-deals and wipe the handle bar of any cart I grab to do my shopping. Just "ick"!  You? LESLIE ELMAN'S Trivia via Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff is intriguing + entertaining + offers material for all of us to find a twinkle in our eye(s) and introduce/share interestings in a 1-2-3 + group of people should conversation lend itself to such. I LOVE the tiny -GIANT story about IN CASE YOU PASS BY A BUS STOP.   A thought-ful, problem-solved read. MEDITERRANEAN LAYER DIP Pretty sure we all know of the fan-favorite "taco style 7 layer dip" -- * drum roll * --  Introducing another outstanding dip - not as well known - yet! STELLAR!
Top of the Morning September 25


GREETINGS COOL READERS ON THIS LAST MONDAY OF SEPTEMBER FROM CHERYL CLARSON I think the illustration today is super happy and whimsical - and makes me smile. How was your weekend?  All good around here.  Uneventful.  Often times - that's my favorite report from a weekend. Collected this handful of great reads for today: Loved the brick home painting transformations a lot! Size comparison of sea creatures -- uhhh-uhhh-uhh!  I think they're super cool and I love that they're in the deep blue ocean.  I've had people say to me, "Have ya ever been on a 7 day cruise?"
The Amanita Mushrooms Parade
5 for Friday May 19

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 19

Greetings all!  And Friday. My week was really nice.  Yours? PICTURE LINE UP: #1 See the "shingles"?  Look closely.  They're actually flattened #10 vegetable/fruit cans that have been painted and tacked on to the side of the building.  Super cool! #2 Hello clever re-purposed planter idea outside a candy-shop!  High five. #3 Cool signage on a barrel outside a dining patio.  Thumbs up! #4 1 kitty-cat, 2 kitty-cat, 3 kitty-cat grabbing a piece of sunshine for a little nappy.   Yep, they are my little furry family - meet Streak, Monkey and Kid (Right to Left) Still pondering my answer to the Quick Question regarding ... What's my best story regarding me or someone trying to be sneaky and failed ... Maybe a few.  Ha!  Yours? Dear Annie - has solid advice for Mr. Sexy Senior ... Recipe - STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE is so easy and absolutely hands down the best strawberry shortcake EVER.  Gotta believe me. 5 songs selected for today are chill - pretty - and kinda stick with ya sing-along-songs.  Hope you have a little time to give them a listen. As always, we thank you so much for sliding by and giving us a piece of your day.  Gratitude.
5 For Friday March 3 | Lady Ingear


Howdy all and Hello Friday! PICTURE LINE UP #1 This picture of morning  - looking out to my backyard - reminds me of the Cat Steven's song, "Morning has Broken" #2 My mom captured some Shadow Play on her garden fence #3 Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, Bastrop, Texas.  Traveled down to Bastrop to hang out with my friend who treated us to dinner at Guadalajara's. Report Card:  Atmosphere - A+ Staff - Hustle - Attentiveness - Genuine Friendliness - A+ Salsa - A+ (and I consider myself a salsa snob - ha) Housemade Flour Tortillas - A+ Chile Rellenos - A+ (and I am a Chile Relleno freak!) Margaritas - A+ #4 These 3 (!) for making brisket in a slow cooker on the counter that tastes like you (or a very seasoned grill master someone) slow smoked it for hours.  My absolute new favorite way to make brisket.  Recipe is included in this episode! Dear Annie calls out a duck! Brisket recipe + ideas for serving As always, thanks for being here.  You are Daymakers to me!
5 For Friday January 12


Hello Readers + fellow Daymakers - January went out with a giant chill - pill that slid into February for a few days.  Sleet - icy roads - brrrr. I was prepared as far as wrapping outdoor + dripping faucets, making sure there were staples for my cat family, wild birds outside the picture window and me for a few days.  All is well. Are you a shopping cart returner or not?  Stephanie Hayes' column in today's issue is a pretty - darn - good - made - ya - think piece.  Be sure to give it a read. Fajita marinade recipe!  Thumbs up.  Get ready to make it over and over and share the recipe - people are gonna be asking for it. I present today's Wednesday Reader.  I hope it succeeds in bringing a bit of a kick - back - enjoyment time. As always, thank you for being here.  Appreciate ya.
5 For Friday January 13 | WHB Winter


Greetings.  It's a Friday the 13th.  Are you superstitious?  I'm undecided.  Ha! I was wondering where this whole Friday the 13th superstition originated ... found this interesting piece ... Friday the 13th origins