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5 For Friday 3 | The Union Sewing Machine is the Best

5 for FRIDAY

Friday greetings friends - Great stuff packed in this episode today. Stephanie is off this week but she'll be back very, very soon.  She's a super busy lady and gives her time and energy and tips and tricks when time allows.  Hat tip, Steph.  Thank ya! The stand in for Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap is a column by Katiedid Langrock archives from back in 2017.  Not nearly as cool and informational as Steph's column, but it's a heart read.  Enjoy! "PIG"  THE RABBIT STORY by Katiedid Langrock is beautiful.  Almost - ALMOST - wants me to look and find and bring home such a cool pet.  However, this house/ark is full around here! QUICK QUESTION My new name would be Calvin Cheeseburger.  Ha!  You? PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES Recipe reads like it's too simple to be good.  Trust me - they are simple and they're very good. ART ILLUSTRATIONS Have me planning for some kinda little garden around here.  Good news, I have a farmer's market about 15 minutes away.  So, if I fail in doing or succeeding - have the market so close - I can go, shop, choose and enjoy the fruits of the farmers labors!  THANK YOU FARMERS!